Hanging Garden Featured Image.webp
Hanging Garden Plant Ideas That Can Recreate Colorful Oases Inside Your Home From ancient Hellenic times, the concept of hanging gardens is believed to have existed since the age of antiquity.
Apr 07 | 10 min read
Polka Dot Begonia Is One of the Most Photogenic Houseplants A splashy show-stopper that looks fantastic with its olive-green leaves and contrasting spots. No green thumb necessary to make an impression with this houseplant.
Apr 07 | 8 min read
KoppeBegonia MPS Gap feature on Thursd
Koppe Begonia Awarded MPS-GAP Certification for Sustainable Practices What does this certification entail, and why did this breeder pursue it?
Begonia Halo
Begonia Halo Has the Elegance and Luxurious Touch of a Red Begonia Here are some of the reviews of the early flowering beauty and growing tips from the breeder Koppe Begonia
Sep 27 | 3 min read
Koppe Begonia survey
Doing a Survey for Breeding the Future in Begonia Land Breeder Koppe Begonia did a survey for three of its most promising varieties, here are the results.
Jun 28 | 5 min read
Best plants for Mothers Day
These Are Some of the Best Plant Gifts for Mother’s Day Want to gift mom with lasting beauty this year? These plants are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.
Mar 30 | 13 min read
The Spikey Looks of the Begonia Ferox Can Be Deceiving Hailing from the limestone regions of China, this begonia features ferociously bullated leaves that belong in every begonia fanatic's collection.
Jan 31 | 3 min read
Look at These Amazing Begonia Sweeties in Little Pots In cooperation with Pligt Professionals, Koppe Begonia released a brand new line called Begonia Sweeties, a beautiful range of compact flowering begonias.
Feb 16 | 3 min read
What's New From Koppe Begonia? Bringing begonia to a higher level with new wondrous varieties and wonderful colors.
Oct 28 | 3 min read
Prize-Winning Aroma Peach Begonia From the I'CONIA Series Dümmen Orange puts scent back on the agenda
Jul 02 | 2 min read

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