Komorebi: The Delicate Interplay of Light and Shadow in Nature
Komorebi - The Tenuous Dance of Sunlight in Nature It is an idea that perfectly captures a feeling or concept that seems impossible to put into words.
Are Plants and Flowers Ideal During Meditation
Do Plants and Flowers Help You Meditate Better? Their presence encourages a serene atmosphere that is conducive to the relaxation required for this practice.
Shinrin-yoku the ancient art of forest bathing
Revitalize Your Soul With the Ancient Art of Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bathing This remedy is based on ancient Shinto and Buddhist practices and means to let nature into your body through the five senses.
Symbolism and meanings of plants and flowers in the Tripitaka
Tripitaka's 10 Flowers and Their Symbolic Interpretation in Buddhist Teachings These are the metaphorical blooms in the ancient sacred scriptures that bear meanings and offer insights into the nature of human existence.
Sep 06 | 11 min read

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