peonies featured
Floral Choices to Top off the Spring Season surround yourself with flowers, let their colors enliven your space, and allow their delicate fragrances to fill the air.
Kalanchoe cut flower for Womens Day by Decorum wide feature on Thursd
Kalanchoe as a Cut Flower for Women's Day - Here's Why You Should Try It It symbolizes strength and resilience, and it is sure to brighten the day of anyone who receives it on the 8th of March.
Koppe Begonia Interview Peter ten Have feature on Thursd
Peter ten Have - Passionate About Begonias A candid interview with the owner of Dutch high-end nursery J&P Ten Have about growing the perfect plants.
Feb 22 | 6 min read
Checking Tulips in the field
Visiting Borst Bloembollen - THE Tulip Nursery in the Netherlands Over 40 million tulips as cut flowers, in 250 different varieties.
Feb 01 | 4 min read
Charmelia blanca featured
All Fingers Point to the Charm of Charmelia Meet Charmelia: a very lush and also long lasting flower that makes the perfect option for flower-rich bouquets.
Jan 11 | 3 min read
Charmelia Purplex and Blanca wide feature on Thursd
New Wonderful Spray Alstroemerias Charmelia Blanca and Charmelia Purplex Look no further than the beauty found in these two spray alstroemeria novelties that are now available.
Dec 07 | 3 min read
Curcuma Siam Spirit and Curcuma Siam Shadow Pink wide feature on Thursd
Feel the Powerful Mystery of Curcuma Siam Spirit and Curcuma Siam Shadow Pink A double presentation by Decorum Company of this popular exotic flower that is also widely known as the 'Siamese Tulip'.
Decorum campaign featured on Thursd
Decorum Launched Their New Campaign at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer This quality label for plants and cutflowers surprises everyone again this year but in a different way.
Oct 10 | 3 min read
Hanneke Frankema With Dutch Flag on Stage at Europa Cup 2022 on Thursd
Decorum Sponsors Hanneke Frankema - European Florist Nr. 1 "We are proud to be one of the sponsoring forces behind Hanneke Frankema. She exceeded all our expectations. Thank you!"
Aug 31 | 2 min read
9 Exclusive Shade Tolerant Plants of Decorum That Thrive With Minimum Light wide feature
9 Exclusive Shade Tolerant Plants of Decorum That Thrive With Minimum Light Plants that love doses of fresh shady spots? Here's a compilation of the shade-lovers.
Aug 18 | 5 min read
Evolution of Shapes With Hanneke Frankema and Max Van de Sluis Featured on Thursd
Hanneke Frankema and Max Van de Sluis With Their Show - Evolution of Shapes At AIFD 2022 Symposium 'Roots' both designers talked about their ten designs with verve, humor, and technical finesse.

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