Krisztián Kövér Creates Astounding Floral Arrangements Using Decorum Products Having innate creativity skills is key to creating the most spectacular flower designs and arrangements, just like this designer has managed to do.
Jun 23 | 3 min read | Floral Designers
Decorum Plants & Flowers on Pinterest Is Great to Follow Submerge into the magical plant and flower Pinterest world created by top Netherlands brand Decorum.
May 30 | 3 min read | Floral Education
Decorum Introduces Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon From Together2Grow These alstros have notably large stripeless flowers with a soft yet fresh salmon color. The contrasting dark green foliage really makes the flowers pop.
Jun 01 | 2 min read | New on the markets
Roselily as a Plant - Two Beautiful Flowers in One All you need to know about this unique pollen-free double-flowered roselily plant from Decorum grower Van Schie that opens beautifully like a rose.
May 17 | 3 min read | Houseplants
Decorum - Market Leader in Quality, Innovation, and Sustainability How this brand of over fifty growers has earned a place in modern growing and marketing of plants, greens, and flowers.
May 04 | 4 min read | Explained
Musa Basjoo Is the Perfect Outdoor Banana Plant This super strong musa will give your garden a real 'jungle look'.
Apr 25 | 3 min read | Garden
How Decorum and Its Growers Maximize Their Sustainability and Minimize the Impact on Our Environment It's not merely about the quality of the flower or plant, it's much more. For Decorum quality is also about sustainability of production, product and packaging.
Apr 15 | 7 min read | Sustainability
Those Charming Dutch Ranunculus From Decorum Are Back! The romantic flair of the blooms with layers of beautifully ruffled petals never seize to catch that tender feeling, like a prince that you want to kiss.
Mar 21 | 3 min read | Flowers
These Stunning Jatropha Varieties by Decorum Are Now on the Market Grower Richplant proudly presents two undisputed butterfly magnets.
Mar 07 | 2 min read | Houseplants
Decorum Launches Redesigned Website and Webshop Over fifty growers have a fresh, inspiring, and complete platform and webshop to showcase their products.
Mar 02 | 2 min read | News
More Than Fifty Good Reasons to Buy Decorum Flowers and Plants This is the power of quality, innovation, and sustainability under the Decorum brand.
Feb 28 | 3 min read | News
Florinca Coral Gives a Warm and Sparkling Note to Christmas The color of this novelty from Decorum fits the current trend; its chic and stylish shade feels warm and convivial.
Dec 11 | 1 min read | Floral Designers

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