Emma Bass
Floral Alchemy - Emma Bass’s Art of Converting Flowers Into Beauty and Wellness With scientific evidence indicating that flowers increase wellbeing, aid healing and lower stress levels, Emma’s photographic works consistently bring a calm and contemplative vision to enlighten homes and places of work.
Floral Art
Jul 17 | 4 min read
Róbert Bartolen Showcases the Beauty of Marginpar’s Craspedia Paintball Pop™ in Spring Floral Designs
A Thousand-and-One Days: Beauty of Craspedia Paintball™ Pop in Floral Designs Renowned florist Róbert Bartolen deploys Marginpar's billy buttons in a series of enthralling floral designs.
Mystic Flowers floral design
Prominent White With Pops of Orange and Blue by Mystic Flowers In this playful design, neutral white roses meet other colorful blooms to create perfection.
Blossoms and Twigs Are Turned Into Stunning Floral Compositions Balancing Mother Nature like a house of cards
Jun 30 | 3 min read

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