Phacelia Is the Cherished Treasure of Grower Maurits Keppel.
Maurits Keppel's Scoops - The Unique Sweet-Scented Phacelia A relatively easy-to-grow flower that thrives from late spring to summer and attracts beneficial insects like bees.
Apr 10 | 6 min read
Linda de Ruiter Royal FloraHolland
Visiting the Auctioneer of Specialty Flowers Linda de Ruiter Linda de Ruiter's role as an auctioneer transcends the daily auction; it's about bringing the beauty of each season's flower to light, supporting the growers, and upholding the highest standards of quality and beauty.
Jan 24 | 3 min read
Royal FloraHolland flower auction featured on Thursd
Flower Auction Royal FloraHolland Explained Royal FloraHolland gives you a little background information on how your flowers get to your home and how the flower auctions work.
Jan 04 | 20 min read
How the Auction Clock of Royal FloraHolland Works Floriculture Explained - on Thursd.
Oct 20 | 4 min read

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