Modern Florists
Revolutionizing Floral Design with Tech: Innovative Software Tools for Modern Florists Embrace tech in floral design - discover innovative software for modern florists.
Flower Magic for Christmas
Deck the Halls: Flower Magic for Christmas Infuse Christmas magic with festive flowers decking your halls with joy.
Closeup of Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi
My Floral Design With Dianthus Barbatus Kiwi at the Festival of Flowers and Art Its intense green color perfectly complemented the overall arrangement, adding a touch of vibrancy and lushness.
Easter arrangement featured
20 Pretty Easter Floral Arrangements To Celebrate This Special Date Looking for some Easter inspo to decorate your interiors or make a very Easter looking-like bouquet? These 20 ideas will help you.
Mar 31 | 9 min read
Storytelling Through Furniture Made of Flowers Discarded flowers are given a new life cycle by becoming the very essence of Marcin Rusac's designs.
Sep 15 | 1 min read

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