Luc Deschamps Brings the Most Elaborate Florals to the Heart of Paris Luc Deschamps is known for flowering the capital, whether he expresses that through decorated storefronts, elaborate floral installations, or the bouquets from his boutique.
Mar 10 | 3 min read
The Iris in a Sculptural and Painterly Fashion Empirical Iris artwork features flowers shifting through the stages of life and decay
Apr 28 | 2 min read
Creative Floral Installations Dare to be different
Jul 22 | 1 min read
5 Ways to Make Your Wedding Flowers More Sustainable A chat with four eco-friendly florists
Jul 15 | 4 min read
Foam Free Installations of 2019 by Winston & Main To that end, here are some truly epic installations that I’m damn proud are #nofloralfoam
Floral Sculpture Artist Tracey Deep replicating the beauty of mother nature
Oct 05 | 2 min read

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