'United Colours of Beekenkamp' at Flower Trials 2022 You are most welcome to be a part of a reunion of colors, plants, and people at Beekenkamp in the Netherlands from June 14 to 17, 2022.
All You Want to Know About the World of Begonias - An Interview With André Vreugdenhil With background info, a market update, and why it is the right choice to go for begonias from Koppe Begonia
Jun 02 | 6 min read
See All Novelties and Creative Concepts From Pot and Bedding Plant Breeders at the Flower Trials 2022 The Flower Trials are visited by professionals in floriculture and retail from all over the world.
Jun 01 | 2 min read
FleuroStar 2022 Award Ceremony Is One You Cannot Miss Looking to expand your floral knowledge? Then this year's FleuroStar Award ceremony is your go to option!
Jun 15 | 5 min read

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