8 of the Strongest Houseplants If you have not yet mastered your favorite houseplants, you'll probably want to get strong, hard-to-kill houseplants for better results!
May 31 | 3 min read | Houseplants
6 Best Houseplants With Large Leaves for 2022 A space with green plants is a good space, and adding large-leaved houseplants enhances your space even more so.
May 24 | 4 min read | Houseplants
7 of the Absolute Best Bathroom Plants in 2022 Decorating bathrooms with green plants is gaining more and more popularity and today we're sharing 7 of the best bathroom plants to change your decor game.
May 10 | 6 min read | Houseplants
Study Reveals the Top Houseplant in 147 Countries Around the World By analyzing Google search data for the 230 most-Instagrammed houseplants, HouseFresh uncovered the most popular houseplant in every country around the world.
Feb 03 | 4 min read | Houseplants
5 Reasons to Have More Plants in Your Home Simply having plants in your home can bring forth so many benefits that life will seem stress-free, balanced, and full of vitality.
Jan 27 | 3 min read | Houseplants
The Rare Houseplant Monstera Obliqua is Only for the Most Avid Plant Lovers Monstera obliqua is one of the rarest monstera varieties out there and it's an expensive challenge only the most passionate plant parents attempt.
Mar 20 | 4 min read | Houseplants
7 Cacti That Will Look Great in Your Plant Collection Cacti come in a vast range of shapes and sizes from the petite to the grand, giving you a plethora of options that fit your personal taste.
Dec 15 | 6 min read | Houseplants
Couple Builds a Gorgeous DIY Plant Wall on a Budget in a Tiny Berlin Apartment The popularity of tropical plants has grown immensely but sometimes you just don't have the floor space for them. The solution? Go vertical!
Dec 07 | 6 min read | Houseplants
The Brightly-Flowered Aechmea Fasciata Though it only lasts a couple of months, the bromeliad is a beautiful flowering houseplant that is easy to care for.
Nov 28 | 3 min read | Houseplants
The Magnificent Queen Anthurium Warocqueanum The leaves are unique by their dark green color, thickness, and leathery feel, as well as by the silver venation that become more pronounced as the plant matures.
Nov 19 | 3 min read | Houseplants
The Highly Sought-After Houseplant Calathea Orbifolia This beautiful 'drama queen' is bound to add dramatic interest to your houseplant collection and is very much on-trend.
Nov 11 | 4 min read | Houseplants
Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With Plants are wonderful things – they are good for your health and make great study buddies. Here are six indoor plants perfect for college dorms.
Oct 20 | 6 min read | Houseplants

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