Aucnet Supplies Unique Japanese flora, Including the Exquisite Enkianthus
Aucnet Brings to the World Unique Japanese Florae Including the Rare Enkianthus A floral auction enterprise focused on delivering the very best and unique flowers and foliage for floral designs and arrangements.
Ingrid Carozzi’s Tin Can Studios Plan New York Celebrity Wedding Floral Decor
An Oeuvre of Diverse Flowers Sustainably Bedeck a New York Wedding Ingrid Carozzi's Tin Can Studios bedazzles with its exquisite floral installations in a celebrity wedding.
The Nageirebana Art of Floral Arrangement
Nageire Ikebana Is the Art of Floral Arrangement With a Soaring Spirit These compositions are designed in such a way that they are simple yet elegant.
Hanakotoba, the Japanese Concept of Assigning Meaning to Flowers
Hanakotoba Is the Japanese Language of Flowers Learn about five artistic and cultural practices that allow emotions, thoughts, and sentiments through the symbolism of flowers.
Does Looking At Flowers and Plants Really Make You Happier?
Does Looking At Flowers and Plants Really Make You Happier? Beyond their aesthetic appeal, research shows that engaging with flowers and plants can significantly impact our emotional well-being.
Oct 01 | 8 min read
Ikebana as Meditation In this article, I’ll share some discoveries and ponderings from my experience with ikebana and its mediative character.
Mar 01 | 6 min read
Toula Karanikolopoulos Ikebana Is an Instagram Hit Watch and admire her brilliant works of art to get plenty of inspiration for your own Ikebana designs.
Sep 28 | 1 min read
Agapanthus - The Flower of Love Each stalk is a self-contained retrospective of drama – showy, solid, and elegant
Jul 21 | 2 min read
Ikebana as a Dynamic Meditation The process of making it is as important as the outcome
Nov 25 | 2 min read
Kiku Matsuri and My Favorite Haiku in Bloom People from Japan know exactly what I'm talking about
Oct 20 | 3 min read
Els Claes Talks about Ikenobo, The Soul of Ikebana The Japanese art of arranging flowers
Sep 09 | 3 min read
Ikebana for Beginners The definitive guide to ikebana
Jul 22 | 5 min read

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