7 Indoor Hanging Plants to Create a Home Jungle in 2023 Plants were made to embellish your homes and surroundings. Dive into a home full of green with these stunning options!
Feb 22 | 4 min read
AIM Architecture Turns Shopping Mall Atrium Into Indoor Jungle Xintiandi challenges the cookie-cutter mold by reimagining the romance of street life with a modern city context, bringing the outdoors inside.
Nov 11 | 2 min read
15 Rare Houseplants You Will Love Show something other than a snake plant on your next Zoom call
May 19 | 16 min read
Master the Finicky Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum Raddianum Including 6 tips on how to keep this plant friend alive
Apr 28 | 5 min read
Pretty in Pink - 15 Pink Houseplants That Add a Pop of Color For an unexpected flush of rosy color without relying on bright blooms.
Aug 18 | 7 min read

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