6 Plants That Enhance Your Interior Design Projects These houseplants can actually make an immense impact on not just the style and design of your home, but also boost the mood and overall air quality.
Jun 17 | 3 min read
5 Best Cactus Varieties to Grow Indoors in 2022 You don't have to go all the way to the desert to find some of the cutest, yet easy to care for cacti. Here are six of our favorite varieties, ready to enhance your home decor and take it to the next level.
May 23 | 4 min read
7 of the Absolute Best Bathroom Plants in 2022 Decorating bathrooms with green plants is gaining more and more popularity and today we're sharing 7 of the best bathroom plants to change your decor game.
May 10 | 6 min read
These Series of Potted Celosia From Floritec Will Brighten Up Any Space Three series of exotic-looking beauties that add a much-welcomed pop of color to patio pots, bedding schemes, and any space in your home. 
Mar 11 | 3 min read
5 Reasons to Have More Plants in Your Home Simply having plants in your home can bring forth so many benefits that life will seem stress-free, balanced, and full of vitality.
Jan 27 | 3 min read
Top Six Indoor Plants to Decorate Your Student Apartment With Plants are wonderful things – they are good for your health and make great study buddies. Here are six indoor plants perfect for college dorms.
Oct 20 | 6 min read
Five Of The Prettiest Green Offices That offer lots of interior plant inspiration
Aug 18 | 1 min read
4 Water Plants That Look Great Indoors No-fuss, mess-free water plants you can grow inside your home
Aug 18 | 3 min read
10 Special or Rare Houseplants to Add to Your Urban Jungle in Your Home Whether you're just starting out or are well on your way as a plant parent, these beauties will fit right in
Mar 14 | 12 min read
How Rising Indoor Plant Sales Reflect Urbanization and Trends Millennials’ desire to nurture and to care contributes to the rise in plant sales.
Jul 20 | 2 min read
Essential Plants for a Bohemian Interior Plants are wonderful additions to every decor style but when it comes to plants for a bohemian interior, they are a necessity
Jul 07 | 7 min read
35 Best Indoor Plants That Clean the Air and Remove Toxins The best indoor plants will thrive inside while simultaneously cleaning the air and making your home’s interior safer.
Mar 15 | 18 min read

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