Indoor Plants
Seven Indoor Plants to Enhance Productivity in Study Room Seven suitable indoor plants that you can use during your school years to enhance productivity in the study room to help you attain the most sufficient results even when studying the most complex subjects.
Tips on how to choose your first plants
Planting 101 - How to Start Your Plant Parenting Journey in 10 Steps Becoming a plant parent brings a unique coolness that transcends trends and creates an enduring sense of fulfillment.
Black Tulip Group Flowers
Middle East’s Premier Flower Firm Makes Inroads in the Global Floral Scene With a passion for flowers and a love for nature, Black Tulip Group says its mission is to grow flowers in an environment-friendly way and help the local economies to progress.
May 31 | 5 min read
Red glossy anthuriums featured
7 New Anthurium Plants by Floricultura Coming Very Soon Here's a little surprise revealed as to what varieties will be available in the upcoming time.
Apr 19 | 4 min read
Plants have feelings
Who Said Plants Don’t Have Feelings? Just like humans, plants have a way of expressing how they feel. Through the five human senses, plants have an ability to feel as well!
May 31 | 7 min read
International Plant Appreciation Day Featured
Unlock the Secrets of International Plant Appreciation Day: Celebrate Earth's Green Gems! This day serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of life on Earth.
Mar 30 | 3 min read
Campanula Campala Irradiates Brightness and Color feature on Thursd
Campanula Campala - The Purple Plant That Irradiates Brightness and Color The colorful vibes of this purple plant will make your indoor and outdoor spaces dazzle.
Beekenkamp Dahlia LaBella Mothers Day wide feature on Thursd
From Big to Small, LaBella Dahlia Has It All These flowering plants contribute to this feeling of fun, color, and happiness, making them a perfect and sustainable gift for the upcoming Mother's Day.
Pothos marble featured on Thursd
These Were the 10 Most Popular Plant Stories in 2022 Learn which green plants conquered the year and get a complete compilation of this year's most popular green stories.
Mar 01 | 5 min read
Prayer plant featured on Thursd
The Prayer Plant Is an Easy to Care For Unique Houseplant If you’re on a quest to add a houseplant with striking foliage to your collection, look no further.
Dec 14 | 7 min read
Succulents on stair display
How to Develop a Plant Lover Instagram and Which Promotional Tools to Use in 2022? Invest every day in creating interesting, sincere content and communicating with a newfound audience.
Nov 25 | 3 min read
Philodendron Imperial Red on Thursd
A Red Houseplant? It’s a Yes! Meet Philodendron Imperial Red A low-maintenance, colorful houseplant that is ready to accompany you on your houseplant journey. Read all about her here.

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