low maintenance plants
The best low-maintenance plants for busy students Discover easy-care plants perfect for busy students looking to add greenery to their space.
Celebration of National Florist Day
A Resounding Success for the First National Florist Day in the UK Caroline-Marshall Foster shares how delighted she was at how the day went but also felt very humbled that so many people supported her and got the show on the road.
Brenna Estrada
Growing Flowers From Seed With Three Brothers Blooms What's blooming? Brenna Estrada will tell you all about seasonal flourishing flowers.
Cut Flowers Flowers
Apr 24 | 6 min read
Fresh flower
Ways Fresh Flowers Can Improve the Life of a College Student Fresh flowers uplift college life, offering stress relief and vibrant ambiance.
Gardening nurtures
How Gardening Nurtures Your Mind and Soul Discover the profound impact of gardening on mental and spiritual well-being.
Valentines Day flower sales
5 Ways to Make a Profit and Prepare Your Flower Shop for Valentine's Day What are your methods of promoting your flowers and gifts for February 14th? Here are a few extra ideas in case you need them.
Special Days Valentine
Jan 17 | 6 min read
Tropical Plant event expositor
Visit the Tropical Plant International Expo in Fort Lauderdale Coming back from January 17-19, this event will give you the tropical feels to begin the year.
Floral Events
Jan 10 | 3 min read
Interflora World Cup 2023
Task 2 - Surprise Task - All About the Bees Adding an element of excitement, the competitors faced a surprise design challenge under timed conditions.

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