Lancôme uses the essence of Rose Centifolia in its perfumes
A Fragrant Trip of Roses Through Perfumery Lancôme uses a scented rose known as Rose Centifolia to create its unique aromas.
Flowers Roses
Jul 18 | 9 min read
Polianthes, a sweet and sensual flower from Marginpar.
Marginpar’s Polianthes - A Sweet Sensual Flower With a Voluptuous Scent At different stages, the flower gives off a different scent, but as it matures, the scent also takes on a different dimension.
The Effects of Flower Fragrances and Scents on People
The Mix of Effects That Flower Scents Have on Our Being At the heart of every flower lies a secret treasure trove of fragrant compounds, each contributing to the flower’s unique scent.

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