Sabine Darrall, an English Eco-Florist, Crafts Sustainable Wedding Decorations Using Flowers From Marginpar.
Blooms to Vows - Sabine Darrall's Sustainable Wedding Décor With Marginpar Flowers The English florist ensures floral sustainability in her designs which feature several flowers from the renowned grower.
Waterless Flowers by Joseph Massie (1)
Top 10 Waterless Flowers for the Most Beautiful One-Day Installations Joseph Massie hopes he makes life easier with this Marginpar botanicals you can use in your installations without water for a day.
Jan 11 | 6 min read
Marginpar Presents the Playful New Scutellaria 'Tinkerbell’ Mother Nature has once again created something exceptionally beautiful
Jun 17 | 1 min read
Scutellaria Tinkerbell - Mother Nature at Her Finest With the loving help of our breeder, she has once again created something exceptionally beautiful
Jun 04 | 3 min read

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