Syngonium Podophyllum Albo Variegatum - One of the Best Picks for Rare Houseplant Lovers The Syngonium Podophyllum Albo Variegatum might just become the next favorite plant in your collection, with its stunning leaf patterns and easy care.
May 23 | 5 min read | Houseplants
The Most Wanted Rare Houseplants of 2022 For the last few years, Max has specialized in rare and exotic plants. These are his hottest and rarest houseplants of this year.
Mar 03 | 7 min read | Houseplants
Syngonium Pink Perfection - The Best Pink Indoor Plant? A trending, and very easy to take care of houseplant with a beautiful pink color.
Aug 09 | 3 min read | Houseplants
Pretty in Pink - 15 Pink Houseplants That Add a Pop of Color For an unexpected flush of rosy color without relying on bright blooms
Mar 25 | 6 min read | Houseplants
15 Decorum Plants of Right Now Check my collection of stunning plants for you, all available at your local wholesaler!
Sep 16 | 7 min read | News
The 25 Best Plants for Fall 2020 These houseplants should all be available at your local wholesaler
Aug 21 | 13 min read | News

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