Girl with plants surrounding her
Who Said Plants Don’t Have Feelings? Just like humans, plants have a way of expressing how they feel. Through the five human senses, plants have an ability to feel as well!
Everything You Should Know About Venus Flytrap Plants
Venus Flytraps - Should You Watch Your Fingers? Plus Some Fun Facts! If you want this little plant to be happy, there are lots of things you should do before thinking about what to feed it for dinner.
Apr 17 | 13 min read
Strangest Plants in the World Black Bat
The 10 Strangest Plants in the World Here are never-before-seen strange plants you should know about. Do you recognize any of them?
Reasons to Have a Houseplant in Your College Room Discover why houseplants are essential for college rooms - from air purification to stress relief.
Aromatic Beauties - Common Fragrant Flowers That Keep Bugs Away Naturally While flowers and houseplants are naturally grown to bedeck an otherwise boring area, some however come with a plus. They keep bugs away. Naturally!

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