A Cultural-Perceptual Study of Decorative Flowers in College

The relationship between people and flowers is one of the most beautiful and cultivated ones. Learn everything about their deep relationship here!

By: EVELYN MONTOY | 10-06-2022 | 4 min read
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Since ancient times, flowers have attracted many people worldwide. And that's why many people have invested precious energy in cultivating them. How can this relationship be explained? There is a solid relationship between people and flowers. It is made up of cognitive, emotional, and social-cultural components.

The perception shifts from one place to the other. It depends on the cultural values of the existing community. Though, most of the flowers grown in modern times are mainly used for visual pleasure and emotional satisfaction.


From the Evolutionary Perspective

From the evolutionary perceptive, there is a positive incentive for the flowers. People use them to elicit positive emotions in people. In most cases, humans are fond of digging up, dividing, and replanting flowers in their surroundings. Most of the domesticated flowers depend on humans for their propagation.

The plant uses its visual characteristics to attract humans for seed disposal. It could also be to protect the flowers from predators. One of the main advantages of this evolutionary relationship is that humans can decide where the seeds can grow.


A Cultural-Perceptual Study of Decorative Flowers in College-  on Thursd
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From developmental perspective

 How do flowers influence how people interpret things as they grow up? The integrated visual experience and the shape help the brain learn how to interpret:

- Orientation


- And other necessary visual cues

In most cases, humans use olfactory information to relate sensory information. With the multisensory richness of flowers that enhance memory formation, the brain can prioritize recalling personal memories. 

This means that flowers act as stimuli for new cognitions. It helps enhance the development of perception in humans. That's because people can explain what they see through their past experiences. In most societies, flowers have been used as a prime related to activating further concepts like romance.


Developmental perspective of flowers-  on Thursd
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The Connection Between Flowers and Positive Emotions

Over the years, humans have moved from tolerating some attractive weedy species to actively saving and sowing the seeds. From the perspective of positive psychology, flowers have been shown to prime positive moods in humans worldwide. That's why flowers are used in celebrations. Research also shows that people get better quickly when exposed to flowers.


Positive Emotions and Flowers- on Thursd
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Regardless of gender, whenever a person is presented with a flower, they are likely to show some pattern of smiling. Sometimes, there is higher skin conductance, especially in women, and an increased heart rate. This shows that the cultural values of different communities associate flowers with happiness. That's why they act as positive stimuli of happiness.


The Multisensory Impact of Flowers

Flowers induce positive emotions. These emotions are central to human emotional needs. That's why flowers have a higher potential for emotional support. The multisensory impact of the flowers ranges from shape, smell, and color. Some of the top fragrances reduce negative moods. Same time, specific odors modulate moods in different people. Flowers that have preferred colors and symmetry are 'super stimuli" for driving their propagation and nurturing.


Multisensory Impact of flowers-  on Thursd
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That means that the perceptual elements of the flower connect very well with the cognitive senses of the people in the society. This may be the pattern, color, and shape of the flower. The ease of recognizing the different patterns and the familiarity engendered by different symmetry in flowers enhances people's perception. This is especially true when grouping objects into coherent gestalt units.


Flowers as Social Signifiers

People expect flowers as social signifiers to convey particular messages to different communities. This may be sympathy, romance, or grieving. In some cases, people use flowers to express religious feelings. And in rare cases, they use them as a direct route for spiritual communication.

 Now that flowers act as social signifiers, this can further be elucidated and explained. It mostly depends on the reactions of different flowers to society. That's how people process the sensory input of each flower. They construct a meaningful relationship with the flowers.


Flowers as Social Signifiers-  on Thursd
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The cultural-perceptual study of the decorative flowers in college can take different forms. Students can learn how other societies view flowers from:

-An evolution perspective

-Developmental perspective

-Emotions they trigger

-Or social signifiers. 

The multisensory impact of the flowers on different individuals can also help to understand the values associated with other flowers.


Flowers Trigger Different Emotions- on Thursd
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