Flower Punk Going Underground in a Parking Garage

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By: JOANNA KIEDACZ | 24-02-2022 | 2 min read
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Joy, love, gratitude, friendship - these and many other emotions accompany our lives. I try to help customers of my flower store every day to express these emotions with flowers. Creating things like this flower punk headpiece gives me energy and it's also an expression of emotion for me.

Flower Punk in a Parking Garage

This time I prepared a floral head decoration - FLOWER PUNK. The idea for this session came to me when I was walking along this underground passage. I was very charmed by the atmosphere of this place. I wanted to contrast the harsh urban underground and the graffiti-covered walls with the beauty and delicacy of the flowers. I wanted flowers to be a part of my street style. Sometimes I imagine how the world would look like if people wore flowers every day - floral dresses, hats, etc. This session is my image of a rebellious social group in such a floral world.
Flower Punk Headpiece With Joanna Kiedacz on Thursd


Many International Celebrities

I had the pleasure to prepare bouquets and floral compositions for many international celebrities including Elton John and Emeli Sandé. And I created floral decorations for Dior. Floristry is not only my job, it is also my passion. I often spend my free time on exhibitions, shows, or florist championships.


My Floral Journey

My passion for flowers started at an early age - that is why I chose studies to develop further in this area. I graduated from Ornamental Plants at the Kraków University of Agriculture, Poland. In the course of professional development, I gained the title of a florist and a journeyman in the profession of a florist at Postgraduate Studies in Floristry and the title of a master's. I opened my florist shop Kwiaciarnia Krokusik while still a student. I still have the same business to this day and can boast that I have gained a large group of super customers.
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Joanna Kiedacz

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