Going Green on Black Friday

It's not easy being green. Especially when it's Black Friday. This is how Green Friday makes you feel much better.

By: MARCEL DE ROMPH | 22-11-2021 | 2 min read
This is not a blog particularly about flowers and plants. Green Friday is about all that's living on our planet; flowers, plants, animals, and... us. And we all know that it's not easy being green. But we can at least try to be as green as possible.

What Is Green Friday?

To explain what is Green Friday you first have to know its compare to Black Friday. Black Friday is the day when we massively storm the shopping streets and webshops in search of the best deals. Buy for the sake of buying. Impulse-driven purchases. Black Friday encourages overconsumption. This has a huge impact on our earth, such as depletion of our natural resources, pollution, and oceans full of plastic. Good for the environment? Absolutely not. We can do that differently!    

How to Participate?

The question has two sides: How to NOT participate and how to participate. NOT participating means you ignore all those Black Friday deals, at least for as long as they are encouraging you to buy things that you otherwise would not have bought. If you have enough clothes, why go shopping on Black Friday to double your wardrobe just because it's mega-cheap? But if you have been waiting to buy something that you need, like your coffee machine broke down and you desperately need a new one, a Black Friday deal might just save you some money. And it's not forbidden to save money on good coffee, I suppose. To participate, then, would mean you take action against this overconsumption by buying green. Green Friday stimulates the awareness of the hazardous situation we find ourselves. Talks about allowing the earth to heat up with 'just' 1.5 degrees before the end of the century are useless when the acting is merely left to unstable governments and delaying fossil industries. Yes, we consumers play a tiny part, every one of us. Buy something green on Green Friday, something that saves the planet rather than destroys it. You will feel much better than with that Black Friday Deal that you've been spontaneously seduced to buy and actually did not need.  
Going Green on Black Friday Image by Markus Spiske
on Unsplash
  Care to learn more? Trees for All and Click a Tree are some of the initiatives that promote Green Friday.
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