How Perfect Is This Alstroemeria?

Top notch care for a very special flower.

By: SAVANNAH STELWAGEN | 19-09-2019 | 2 min read

How perfect is the Alstroemeria Perfection?

If you are familiar with Colombian grown Alstroemeria then you know about the Perfection grade: nowadays a patented method of grading and trademark recognized as the best Alstroemeria in the world. But how did it all start?

From the start

The always forward thinking and innovative Bazzani family, owners of La Plazoleta, are the ones behind the brilliant method of grading and packing. Back in 2006 Nicolas Bazzani attended a fair in Canada where he was astounded by the Canadian Alstroemeria, which performed better than the Colombian in all possible ways: head size, brightness, health and price. Nicolas immediately rang his brother Pablo and their new goal was clear: to create the perfect Alstroemeria in Colombia!

Photo: La Plazoleta

My personal experience at the source of the perfect Alstroemeria

When I visited La Plazoleta earlier this year, I remember how impressed I was with this flower. Pablo’s enthusiasm and passion definitely helped, but the outstanding care for this grade really is top notch. No where else had I seen Alstroemerias being packed in a net per stem individually. Packed per stem? How labour intensive is that! That must be one special flower I hear you think.. It sure is!

alstroemeria-perfection-article-on-thursd-6 Photo: La Plazoleta

So what makes the perfect Alstroemeria so different?

Normal Alstroemerias are between 60 and 75 cm long but the Perfection is a whopping 85 cm. It has 5 to 7 heads on each stem and the stems are about 7 mm thick. The head size can be up to 25% larger than regular grades, and this mainly has to do with the fact that the stems are cut at a later ripeness stage.

Wrong perception of buyers

Alstroemerias in Colombia used to be cut very tight to meet the wrong perception of buyers who believed tighter flowers last longer. But a flower is like a baby that can be born either at 7 or 9 months. Leaving it incubate longer means they are able to obtain more nutrition and therefore are stronger at birth - or in this case cutting stage - providing a longer vase life.  

Photo: La Plazoleta

Worth it?

Extra care and patience is highly necessary to grow this grade, as it requires a tailor-made cultivation process. The Perfection grade is exposed to a maximum amount of sunlight, hydration and nutrition and stays in the field longer than the other flowers. It does mean that the quality of this exclusive and consistent product is suburb and the colors are bewildering bright. To top it all off the production is year round so do not hesitate to go source yourself some of these incredible beauties! Take these gorgeous Alstroemeria Himalaya below for example. Newly improved just last month and worth every penny. By the way it does not matter which farm you buy from, Alstroemeria Perfection always provides the same excellent quality and packaging!

Photo: La Plazoleta
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