Creating Magical Moments With Calla Lilies

These callas are the Crown of the Advent for me.

By: IVAN BERGH | 20-12-2023 | 2 min read
Christmas Designs
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Ciao, floral friends. I'm Ivan Bergh, and I'm delighted to show you the wonderful world of calla lilies. Recently, I had the honor of working with some of the prettiest calla lilies from Simply Calla growers. This inspired me to create a few unique and emotional designs. Let me show you.

The Crown of Advent

Picture this: calla lilies, sinuous and elegant, huddle together in a fraternal moment of harmony and joy. It's as if they're celebrating the beauty of life itself. Their brightness radiates, creating a harmonious contrast with the rough skin of pine cones. And as I worked with these beautiful blooms, Christmas seemed to hang in the air, and you could almost smell the snow on the horizon.


Ivan Bergh calla crown


Ivan Bergh calla crown design


Ivan Bergh calla crown detail


The Tree of Magic

One of my favorite creations with these callas was a self-supporting bouquet that rose like a magnificent Christmas tree. The bright green stems of the calla lilies seemed to beckon, inviting you to savor each flower, petal by petal, much like a cherished Christmas carol that marks the passage of time with its delicate bells. The beauty and purity of the white calla lilies danced in harmony with the regal shades of purple. It was a magical union that left everyone who laid eyes on it utterly captivated.


Ivan Bergh dark calla christmas tree design


Ivan Bergh dark calla christmas tree detail


Ivan Bergh dark calla christmas tree design


Shooting Star

Now, let me introduce you to a design that's as bright as a shooting star—except you can hold this star in your hands. It's an exceptional creation that showcases the profound intensity of total black zantedeschias. These blooms are a star among stars, creating a design that ignites dreams and sparks inspiration. Working with these unique calla lilies was an experience that left me truly inspired.


Ivan Bergh dark calla advent star

A Christmas Delight

Working with calla lilies from Simply Calla growers was an absolute pleasure, a Christmas delight. Each flower, each stem, held a world of beauty and endless possibilities. From the harmonious contrast with pine cones to the magical Christmas tree bouquet and the dazzling Shooting Star design, these calla lilies allowed me to craft moments of pure enchantment. I hope this journey through my floral creations has left you as inspired as I am.

Check These Callas

The Callas I used in these designs are all of the celebrated 'Captain' series from growers of the Simply Calla promotional organization: Calla Captain Ventura (white), Captain Promise (purple), Captain Romance (pink), Captain Carrera (black), and Captain Violetta (violet).


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Ivan Bergh

My name is Ivan Berghella, everyone calls me Ivan Bergh. I am Italian, I live and work in Pescara. Graduated as an accountant in 1996, I immediately decided to take a new path. I wanted to work in the world of flowers. In 2001 I began my first collaboration with the European Athenaeum of Floral Art as an international teacher and judge, a collaboration that continued until 2011. In the meantime, in the years 2006 and 2007 I also participated in 6 different international seminars with the Flornet project in Hungary, Germany, Holland, and Norway. I took part in several competitions for florists, winning the Italian Championship and getting second and third places in International Championships in Sweden and Denmark. In my life there have always been flowers, my parents grew flowers, and so my passion and my feeling with them must have been born spontaneously. Probably this pushed me to become a florist, then my opening to the world led me to start international collaborations. I opened my school where we teach everything about compositions, flowers, and their use. You learn how to become a florist, but above all and most importantly, you learn to experiment, to dare with new materials, new shapes. It gives space to the imagination to make it visible and give it shape. I think that flowers can express our feelings, give a voice to our emotions. With colors, shapes, and materials we are able to communicate everything we have inside as artists. Flowers, love, and passion...



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