My Smart Scorched Earth Project

Transforming a simple botanical piece into a meaningful design.

By: DEBORAH PROVENZIANI | 25-11-2020 | 1 min read
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A Smart Project

I have always believed that a sustainable flower design comes first from a smart project. Thanks to the web we all know alternative mechanics and techniques to avoid single-use plastics and floral foam.   My Smart Scorched Earth Project 01   I believe that a smart project is the first step to take. It's actually what I do whenever I do workshops or arrangements. So, these are my Scorched Earth color trend designs and my philosophy behind it.   My Smart Scorched Earth Project 01

Smart and Creative

Thinking smart and being creative is the key: a simple botanical piece may be transformed into a meaningful design. On my side, I get inspired by nature every single day, in every season. I discovered something new: the two designs I share over here are inspired by this season's woodland, and actually the contemporary design is made with foraged branches.   My Smart Scorched Earth Project 01   My Smart Scorched Earth Project 01

Observe Nature

Observing nature and its colors, lines and botanicals is the greatest school we could ever attend in either classic or contemporary design, and being kind to it is the only thing we all should care about. Have a lovely day! Deb   My Smart Scorched Earth Project 01 Photos by Deborah Provenziani DFlowers

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Deborah Provenziani

Deborah, italian resident, currently freelances in floral industry, moving in way to mirror her values and giving the ability to share them. She originally connected to flowers for personal reasons as she discovered her passion for the beauty flowers bring to people's lives as her friend was battling cancer few years ago. When designing she tends towards natural materials in lieu of choosing specific flowers to use she choose those which best suits the design mood :flowers are like actors with specific characters. Her style could be described as decorative and her main goal is remaining sustainable as her love for nature.



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