An OrcaGreen Throne in the Beautiful Amazons

They are beautiful but still fierce warriors. Strong and powerful they are in all battles, impetuous and indomitable.

By: GAÉTAN JACQUET | 18-10-2023 | 4 min read
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Adomex artistic OrcaGreen design in the Amazon

It is on the steep slopes blackened by the angry upheaval of the mountain of fire that the diversity of the 'peoples of the foliage' flourish. The rich lands offer an unsuspected diversity to the profane. Both delicate and exuberant.

Intertwining greens, textures, and shades, this world of secrets conceals many mysteries. A richness that recalls the madness and diversity of the peoples of the world. The diversity of shapes and colors of foliage is the purest expression of creation.

Tiny Details That Give Unique Personalities

As if Mother Nature had been folly by creating foliage that looks identical but where the difference is hidden in tiny details. Tiny details that give a unique personality to each leaf and branch of a tree. The undulating mass of vegetation draws a striking contrast between the emerald green undulations and the glowing summit of the volcano. It takes place with each glance for those who want to see it.


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons
The Orca Green throne in the beautiful Amazon jungle


The volcanic god is both the benefactor and the threat, he knew how to create verdant beauty with the seeding of these slopes of an exuberant and unfathomable beauty at the height of these unpredictable smoking waves of anger. He could erase this diversity in one breath, but on the contrary, he watches over it like a grumpy father watching his daughters grow up refusing to see that they become women.

The people live in harmony with these two giants, the capricious and smoking red and the immense, generous, and verdant.


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons


An Exuberant and Majestic OrcaGreen Throne

The moods of the mountains ritualize the life of these inhabitants establishing their mounts on their foothills. They cast a regular and respectful gaze pointing toward the jagged summit of the indomitable mountain whose green base seems to carry it.

Every one hundred years a great green ceremony that takes place on the smoking slopes is black. This is an opportunity for the people of the OrcaGreen Amazons to make an exuberant and majestic throne for their queen. An immutable bearing in their lives. Palm, coconut, and fern intertwine to give birth to a majestic and warlike throne. An interlacing that is reminiscent of the enigmatic smoke that escapes from the craters around the green smoke coiling between the incandescent rivers.


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons


The Guarantors of Beauty in This World

As if it were a ritual and enigmatic dance where the sound of the drums resonates in the fumaroles, the movements of the bodies create a transcendent and hypnotic sensation.

The foliage of OrcaGreen might seem insignificant or even secondary to you, but it is not so, they are the undisputed mistresses of the place, they are essential to the balance of the world and its beauty. They make hearts beat, like green waves they are evanescent in a world dominated by colors. Yes, without them there is no light or contrast and even less emotion. They are the guarantors of beauty in this world. Sometimes discreet sometimes omnipresent but always there.


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons


They were able to create large paintings of almost monochrome green forests but subtle nuances and delicate curves are the most to break the monotony. A succession of paintings in which the artist was affected by an obsession with green and curves.

Some people flout them and destroy their great webs also called the lungs of the planet. They realize their nonsense much too late and like gallery owners put them under bell jars in small shreds. The collection in the agony of past beauty.

OrcaGreen Are Beautiful but Still Fierce Warriors

But we are not digressing... Let's go back to our people on the mountains of the generous old curmudgeon


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons


The OrcaGreen are beautiful but they are nevertheless fierce warriors. Strong and powerful they are in all battles they are impetuous and indomitable. But beautiful.

They knew how to colonize the most hostile environments. They are the enemy of this galloping world. Or always building more and higher is the norm. The two enemies may be in the process of reconciliation.


Adomex Orca Green artistic arrangement in the Amazons


The warrior peoples take their place by our side and find the world that saw them born. The world of OrcaGreen by Adomex is reborn from these ashes and once again sets our eyes on fire.


Photography by Nicolas Manzoni from GraféO.


Adomex Orca Green

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