Visiting Sunrise Holland to See Lisianthus 'Big Sun'

The introduction of this series marks a new era in floral design, promising to elevate the aesthetics of arrangements and settings wherever these magnificent flowers are displayed. 

By: PETER VAN DELFT | 17-04-2024 | 3 min read
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Sunrise Holland Big Sun Lisianthus

Now this is something special. Not only am I invited to see the nursery of Sunrise Holland, an amazing grower of Lisianthus flowers, but I am also one of the first to show you 'Lisianthus Big Sun', which are true groundbreaking new varieties in Lisianthus. A feast for the eyes and a revolution in the Lisianthus market. 

Sunrise Holland Is a Pioneer in Lisianthus Cultivation

I am invited by Ariën van Wijk, owner of Sunrise Holland, a nursery of  3,7 ha. Ariën started with his father Jan van Wijk of the well-known nursery Waalzicht, and at 19, he began Sunrise Holland. The name Sunrise is a nod to the land of the rising sun, where his idea of growing in a specific way came from. Ariën dedicates himself to the art and science of breeding superior Lisianthus strains. He was inspired by the serene and meticulous gardening styles of Japan, which he visited in 2015, and after his visit, he envisioned growing Lisianthus that mirrored the impressive qualities seen in Japanese blooms: large heads and robust stems.


Sunrise Holland Big Sun Lisianthus


Embracing these methods, the nursery grows the 'Big Sun' Lisianthus, which enjoys a longer, 12-week cultivation cycle allowing for fuller and more vibrant blooms.

Japan Has a Much Slower Way of Growing

Ariën will switch completely to the new Big Sun Lisianthus varieties. Big Sun is actually several varieties from different breeders, Sakata, Takii, and Sumika. But grown quietly, and more slowly. The idea comes from Japan. In the Netherlands, a normal cultivation cycle takes about 9 weeks and at Sunrise it takes 3 weeks longer, so that the flower is not rushed and has full time to develop. And that is why the Big Sun has a heavier branch and larger flower. Big Sun is grown in more space. Big Sun is not a specific variety as it entails a selection of no fewer than 18 varieties. They are all grown as Big Sun. They work with many varieties and continue to select from them. 



Ariën is specifically proud of his nursery that he built from scratch and created a high-quality Lisianthus Nursery with the entire team. And how the entire Big Sun series is now being introduced as a brand.

Introducing the 'Lisianthus Big Sun'

The extended growing period results in flowers with heavier stems and larger heads, distinguishing them significantly from standard Lisianthus. Super suitable for florists who is in the higher segment and can distinguish themselves with these flowers. There are many pastel colors, making Big Sun's range ideal for the bridal season.

Cultivating such exquisite Lisianthus varieties comes with its challenges. Ariën and his team are continually focusing on creating optimal growing conditions, especially during the harsh summer months, to ensure year-round availability and quality. The dedication to maintaining a stable and high-quality product line is relentless, aiming for nothing less than perfection.

The nursery's commitment is well recognized in the trade, with the 'Big Sun' series quickly becoming a favorite for its robustness and beautiful form. Florists particularly admire the mature and perfectly shaped blooms that stand out in luxurious floral arrangements.

Ariën's personal favorite, the 'Lisianthus Big Sun Peach', epitomizes the beauty and excellence that Sunrise Holland strives for. This variety's lush, soft peach blooms resonate with his passion for cultivating unique and impactful Lisianthus. The entire 'Big Sun' series now stands as an example to the nursery's hard work and innovation—a true brand in its own right, fully embraced by both the trade and florists.


Ariën van Wijk with the 'Lisianthus Big Sun Peach'
Ariën van Wijk with the 'Lisianthus Big Sun Peach'


The introduction of this series marks a new era in floral design, promising to elevate the aesthetics of arrangements and settings wherever these magnificent flowers are displayed. 

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