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Leather fern (Arachniodes Adiantiformis) is found in large parts of Central America and Mexico but also grows in Southern Europe. Leather fern has been used in bouquets for many years. Leather fern grows best in a subtropical environment, but they prefer to stay out of the warm sun and enjoy the cool shade. You will therefore come across this plant in, for example, swampy areas, around caves and waterfalls. Here they reproduce quickly and can spread in colonies over the ground. Leather fern is often used as the outer edge of bouquets and is a very strong green variety that has a long shelf life.


The name 'leather fern' refers to the strong, leathery, and green foliage of the arachniodes adiantiformis. In nature, leather fern propagates itself, and they can certainly take a beating! Leather fern is often used in combination with roses, but are you looking for a refreshing combination? Then use leather fern with, for example, a calla!

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