5 Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Garden

Fantasizing about having your own fruit garden and become more sustainable with your product choices? You'll get your own, organic fruit when planting these amazing trees.

By: THURSD. | 12-10-2022 | 3 min read
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The fruit you enjoy eating will determine the finest trees to grow in your home's backyard. However, there are a few other crucial factors to take into account while thinking about planting fruit trees. Meet the five best fruit trees to grow in your garden and everything to take into consideration when planting them.

8 Best Fruit Trees That Are Easy to Plant in Your Garden Starting Today

The fastest-growing, least-maintenance options are often the most widely used fruit trees for gardens. Besides, what better way to start your days than by having your own fruit garden, ready to give you the fruit dose you need throughout the day? Take note because these are five of the best fruit trees to start growing in your outdoor spaces.


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Photo: Britannica


1. Papaya Tree

Growing papaya from seed is the easiest and most successful way to get started. Of course, it's also the cheapest. You can grow papayas using seeds from shop-bought papayas. What do you need to make your papaya tree thrive? A frost-free climate, lots of sunlight, abundant water, and very good soil.


Five of the best fruit trees to start growing in your garden today on Thursd
Papaya tree. Photo: Gardening Know How


If you have access to all of the previously mentioned factors, you can pretty much plant papaya seeds at any time of the year, and six to ten months later, they will begin bearing fruit.

2. Mandarin Tree

Mandarin trees are considered to be part of the citrus tree group, but since they are the easiest citrus trees to grow, they are given their own category. They are thus a fantastic first citrus tree to plant, so if you're just getting started on your gardening abilities, this one will be a very easy-to-grow fruit tree. Definitely one of our favorite fruit trees for your in the garden!


Mandarin tree is among the five best fruit trees to plant in your backyard on Thursd
Mandarin tree. Photo: Harvest To Table


3. Peach Tree

Who's up for a peachy garden treat? Nature works in such spectacular ways that it allows you to plant your own peach tree at the reach of your own hands. Peaches make good garden fruit trees if you live somewhere with moderate winters.


Peach Trees are one of the five best fruit trees on Thursd
Peach tree. Photo: Britannica


Peach trees can provide fruit in as little as three years thanks to their quick growth and low maintenance needs. Take into account that the majority need full sun so the tree can give you full peachy fruits.

4. Fig Tree

Fig trees are fast-growing fruit trees that are rather easy to grow and care for. They can be grown outside in warmer climates or set in containers to be brought in during the cold of winter in colder climates.
Fig trees are one of the best fruit trees that'll bear fruit relatively fast on Thursd
Fig tree. Photo: Brighter Blooms
It may take up to a year for fig trees to bear fruits in your garden, but having patience is what'll make the result completely worth it.

5. Citrus Tree

Citrus trees are some of the fastest-producing fruit trees, therefore people who live in warm climates should think about planting them. All citrus plants, including lemon, orange, and tangerine trees, grow quickly in the right climate and start bearing fruit in the second year.


The last of the five best fruit trees to plant in your garden is the citrus tree on Thursd
Citrus tree Photo: HGTV


Alternately, citrus trees can be grown in containers and brought indoors during cold weather. They self-pollinate, so there's no need to buy more than one.

Do You Have Some of the Best Fruit Trees in Your Garden?

These are only five of the best fruit trees you can begin planting in your garden, but remember there are many more. What other fruit trees are your favorites or which ones do you have in your garden?


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