From Big to Small, Labella Dahlia Has It All These flowering plants contribute to this feeling of fun, color, and happiness, making them a perfect and sustainable gift for the upcoming Mother's Day.
5 Best Fruit Trees to Grow in Your Garden Fantasizing about having your own fruit garden and become more sustainable with your product choices? You'll get your own, organic fruit when planting these amazing trees.
Oct 12 | 3 min read
The Exclusive Gaillardia Guapa by Florensis Has Landed in the Flower World Take your garden and outdoor spaces to a next level beautiful with this exclusive Guapa series.
Aug 18 | 3 min read
Put Your Begonias Outdoor and Enjoy Them All Summer Long With so many varieties to choose from, don't shy away from experimenting with adding begonias to your outdoor space this summer.
Apr 19 | 4 min read
Colorful and Dynamic Containers in Alabama These designer recipes shined at the Young’s Plant Farm trial garden in Auburn, Alabama
Aug 19 | 10 min read
Spend Your Summer With SunPatiens® The best garden plants for a border full of color.
May 26 | 2 min read
Low-Maintenance Perennials for the Lazy Gardener Beautiful and reliable plants don't have to be a gamble.
Apr 28 | 5 min read
The Top 12 Gardening Podcasts Listen to advice, insider knowledge, and fun tips on all things gardening.
Jan 04 | 5 min read
Lovely Shrubs That Bloom All Year For a garden full of blooms and colors
Mar 23 | 5 min read
Bring Nature's Vitality Into Your Home and Garden With colors of the Magical Hydrangea house and garden plants that keep changing
Mar 23 | 4 min read
The Most Beautiful Flowering Plants for Your Tropical Garden How to garden with bright colors and in tropical vibes
Feb 12 | 4 min read
Passion for People, Passion for Plants Leading in the cultivation of garden plants, garden roses, and pot roses
Jan 21 | 4 min read

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