Thriving garden
Unlocking The Benefits Of Well Water For Thriving Gardens Tap into the advantages of well water for lush, thriving gardens.
Soiree Hot Pink variety
Get Compact and Trendy With Soirée™ Sweet Besties Are you looking for your next garden companions? These might just be the perfect fit.
Girl in between hollyhocks
10 Tall Flowers That Will Boost the Beauty of Your Garden Make a statement in your ourdoor space with these eye-catching gems.
Oct 11 | 6 min read
Shrubs all year long
Lovely Shrubs for Every Season All Year Long Get your garden full of blooms and colors the full twelve months.
Garden Room Harnesses Nature's Restorative Qualities for Spinal Patients
Horatio's Garden Room Harnesses Nature's Restorative Qualities for Spinal Patients A charity that creates a beautiful immersive haven for people who have little or no access to nature.
indoor edible garden
7 Tips For Creating And Maintaining An Indoor Edible Garden Unlock the secrets of cultivating herbs and veggies indoors with our expert advice.
​Showmakers® Aster Series developed by Royal Van Zanten are a real eye-catcher!
Aster Showmakers Series Is the Real Diva for Your Autumn Garden This plant flourishes at a time when most plants have just completed flowering or are past their prime.
Celosia Coral Reef brings the mysterious beauty of the undersea into your home
Splash Into the Colorful World of Celosia Reef Bring the beauty and magic of the underwater realm to your garden.
Forget Me Not Flowers
Forget Me Not Flowers Are an Appeal for Love and a Longing to Be Remembered These dainty blooms have etched their presence across the globe, weaving tales of devotion, captivating the imagination, and inspiring artistic expressions
Jun 21 | 9 min read
Smoke Tree Square Feature Image
Smoke Bush Guide: Popular Varieties, How to Care and Grow Smoke Trees Often used as a garden specimen thanks to its beautiful purple-pink smokey plumes and the purple leaves found on some cultivars.
best botanical garden
10 of the Best Botanical Gardens in the World These horticultural wonders beckon us with their captivating beauty and offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of plant life that adorns our planet.
Jun 21 | 8 min read
Thai Basil beautifies gardens and also adds flavors to food. 
Thai Basil Is a Symphony of Nature’s Own Flavor and Beauty From its distinctive aroma to its striking appearance and bold flavors, Thai basil is a plant that has all the qualities that make it a must-have for any lover of flowers and garden plants.

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