7 Creative Ways to Celebrate a Wedding Anniversary With Flowers

Flowers make incredible gifts as well as stunning home decorations.

By: THURSD | 10-02-2023 | 4 min read
Wedding Flowers
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It's your wedding anniversary, and you want to show your spouse that you truly care about them. Flowers are a classic way to make any occasion memorable, and they offer an extra touch of romance. They also make incredible gifts as well as stunning home decorations.

How to Celebrate Your Wedding Anniversary With Flowers

There are plenty of fun and interesting ways to use flowers. Here are 7 creative ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary with flowers to ensure your special day is extra special! 

1. Create a Floral Centerpiece

Decorate your dining table with a vibrant floral centerpiece. Select flowers in your favorite color and arrange them in a vase to make an elegant statement. Add candles around the centerpiece, but be careful you don’t create a fire hazard. Finally, line the bottom with ribbon or cloth.

Or, consider sending a thoughtful single rose each year on your wedding anniversary if you don’t want to create a bouquet. The single rose will be brought to life with memories of your love. This is a simple yet delightful way to show your spouse your deep feeling of eternal love. 

2. Recreate Your First Date

Recreate the restaurant where you had your first date and make it special with flowers. You’ll probably have to be liberal with the setup because you may not be able to go to the actual restaurant. Place flowers in the center of the table to invoke feelings of nostalgia and romance. 

Consider upgrading old traditions to make them more eco-friendly. For example, sending anniversary cards helps you express your love and appreciation for your partner without wasting paper. You can send the card ahead of your anniversary, so they can get excited for the date.

3. Create a Photo Bouquet 

Recycle your old wedding photos and make a unique photo bouquet. Include some of your favorite memories in the petals of your flowers to remind you of all the joy and love your marriage has brought. If you can’t use real flowers, try making paper bouquets instead.

To make a photo bouquet, find a vase or bucket you can put your craft in. Find sticks in your backyard, or use strays and paper to create stems and leaves. On the top of each stem or stick, add a photo of you and your spouse. You can cut these photos into circles, hearts, or flowers.

4. Decorate Your Home 

Fill your home with romantic and cozy flowers. Hang bouquets in vases on the walls or wrap them around the staircase. You can also layer them at the foot of your bed as an added touch of romance. When you’re done with the decoration, consider dying your flowers and hanging them.

If you’re a fan of photography, you can get more life out of your flowers by taking beautiful candids. Once these photos are printed, you can place them in frames around the house. Be sure to take a photo with your and your spouse, so you’ll always remember this anniversary. 

5. Have Lunch with Flowers

Make your lunch special by adding some beautiful flower arrangements either on the table or in the food. Or, make a delicious, sweet dessert with flower petals or treat your other half to some delicious wedding popcorn. Try adding rose petals to your favorite vanilla yogurt for a dreamy treat. If you candy roses, they taste like strawberries. 

You can also opt for simple flower-infused lemonade or craft cocktails with a hint of floral aroma. To keep the flower theme, freeze flower petals in ice cubes and place them in your drink. Make sure you wash all of your flowers before eating them, as they may contain pesticides or dirt.

6. Gift Matching Corsages

Gift matching corsages for you and your spouse. Choose one with a subtle scent of flowers to create a romantic ambiance, then go for a stroll in the garden. If you don’t have a backyard garden, find a park or local conservatory. It can be fun to wear your love on your sleeves.

To make a simple corsage, gather 3 to 4 blooms unless the flowers are large. Cut the stems and use florist wire and tape to wrap the corsage. You can finish it off by wrapping or twisting a ribbon around it. For a more detailed explanation, check out this article by wikiHow

7. Paint with Flowers

Invite your spouse to a painting session with flowers. Enjoy the smell and the sight of the colorful petals as you create a visual representation of your love. You can also sign your painting and add meaningful quotes. Or, you can simply paint a beautiful floral still-life.

If both of you aren’t great painters, that’s okay. Try not to get wrapped up in whether your artistic ability is up to snuff. You’re doing this to spend time together, not to sell them. If your spouse is embarrassed with what they made, ask if you can keep their painting but not put it up.


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