A King Flower That Unites Contrasts

This breathtaking royal high-ness is clearly not a wallflower.

By: THURSD. | 07-04-2024 | 2 min read
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The exclusive King Protea White is equipped with a large white textured center that gently grows upwards, surrounded by spikey pastel petals. We talk about quite the regal posture for this exclusive King Protea. Don't be fooled by its spikey appearance while the soft heart of the flower can easily sweep you off your feet. There’s still so much more to learn about the intriguing character of this royal highness. But first, let's get down to the specs of this elegant flower.

A King Flower that Screams Contrast - king protea white @kafekytka - on thursd
Photo credit: Kavárna / Květinový ateliér

King Protea White

With its special shield leaves (bracts), powdery white pink-ish complexion, and sturdy flower spikes, the beautiful King Protea is clearly not a wallflower. This flower fits perfectly within the trend of pastel shades. It also lends its grand appearance very well to a dried bouquet in which the color-palette easily matches with its powdery looks. But why not style this big beaut in a solo-version? Just one single flower in a vase does the trick when we're talking King Protea.

Protea king white
Photo credit: Mayesh Wholesale

What's in a Name

The King Protea lends its name to the resemblance to a crown. It’s hard to miss the crown-shaped flower spikes which surround the dense head. A true show-stopper for any statement bouquet or table setting that – literally – needs some spiking up. The king sort of proteas reigns in its size over all other sorts of proteas in the Cape floristic region. As a national flower, the Protea appears on South African birth certificates and passports, as well as on the South African 5-Rand coin, and the Proteas, South Africa’s cricket team, also took its name from the variety.

A King Flower that Screams Contrast - ohhoneyflorals - on thursd
Different varieties in one bouquet. Photo credits: Oh Honey Florals
A King Flower that Screams Contrast - larsjonflorist - on thursd
Photo credits: Lars Jon Florist


Size Does Matter

The King Protea is the most popular variety, having one of the largest flower heads in the protea family. Each cultivar within this genus has a specific shrub height and flower size. The King Protea bunch can reach up to 2 meters in height – that’s one massive, breathtaking shrub! The flower shades vary in color from white to blush pink to even a deep dark red.

The Symbol of New Life

An interesting fact about the so-called dormant buds of proteas is that they tend to survive wildfires that so often clear the dry land in the Cape region. Only to emerge once the fire has gone out. The plants are, as such, hardy and can withstand the toughest of weather conditions. With the ability to grow back after what should eventually have caused demise, this species is thought to symbolize rebirth or new life.

Scorched protea plants after wildfire
Scorched protea plants a month after a severe wildfire swept through the Table Mountain National Park, South Africa.



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