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International Women's Day is gaining popularity.

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International Women's Day is gaining importance in the floristic industry worldwide. It's a day that's gaining momentum worldwide, not just in Russia, and Poland is fast becoming one of the countries where this celebration is warmly embraced, especially through the eyes of the Polish florist Zygmunt Sieradzan.

International Women's Day in Poland Is Becoming a Tradition

International Women's Day isn't just a day; it's a worldwide celebration, and it's fascinating to see how different countries honor this occasion. In Poland, the day is becoming a significant event, much to the delight of florists and flower enthusiasts alike. Zygmunt Sieradzan, a name that's as much a part of the Polish floristic scene as petals are to flowers, shares his insights and experiences.

Zygmunt doesn't just see Women's Day as another date on the calendar. To him, it's a beautiful holiday, a sentiment echoed by many in his field.

"Every year, I observe a greater interest in buying flowers," Zygmunt notes, highlighting the growing trend of floral gifts to celebrate women. Unlike Valentine's Day, which is often painted in hues of red, Women's Day brings with it a palette of colors, inviting florists to play with a variety of shades and arrangements.


Poland International Womens Day Zygmunt Sieradzan
Polish floral designer Zygmunt Sieradzan. Photo by @zygmunt_sieradzan_

Zygmunt's flower shop becomes a hub of activity from the crack of dawn on Women's Day. Opening its doors at 6 AM, he welcomes crowds of men eager to pick the perfect bouquet for the women in their lives. This enthusiasm not only showcases the growing popularity of the day in Poland but also underscores the evolving appreciation for flowers beyond the traditional red rose.

The Chrysanthemums as a Symbol of Strength and Happiness

Chrysanthemums, or 'mums' as they're affectionately known, hold a special place in the realm of Women's Day flowers, particularly in Russia, where they symbolize longevity and happiness. These flowers, with their radiant strength, are not just a visual feast but also carry deep meaning. It's no surprise that their popularity is blossoming in Poland as well.

Zygmunt's preference for chrysanthemums during this time isn't just about their vibrant colors or their robust nature; it's also about what they represent. The flower's symbolism of strength and happiness resonates well with the essence of International Women's Day, making them an ideal choice for celebrating the indomitable spirit of women.


Man gifts chrysanthemum bouquet to woman


The Rising Popularity of Chrysanthemums in Poland

Just as chrysanthemums have captivated other markets in Eastern Europe, they're also gaining ground in Poland, a trend that Zygmunt and many other florists are nurturing. The flower's versatility and wide range of colors allow for exciting and creative combinations, making each bouquet a unique expression of appreciation and admiration for women.

The Just Chrys Campaign: Spreading Chrysanthemum Love

To further celebrate the chrysanthemum's growing popularity, campaigns like Just Chrys are instrumental. This initiative, dedicated to showcasing the beauty and diversity of chrysanthemums, aligns perfectly with the spirit of International Women's Day. It encourages florists and flower lovers alike to explore the myriad possibilities that chrysanthemums offer, from classic arrangements to contemporary designs.

Zygmunt's approach to Women's Day, favoring a mix of colors and flower types, mirrors a broader trend in the floral industry. There's a growing appreciation for diversity, not just in the choice of flowers but also in the way they're presented. From elegant bouquets to whimsical arrangements, the options are as limitless as the creativity of the florists crafting them.


Establishing a Blooming Tradition

International Women's Day in Poland, as seen through the eyes of Zygmunt Sieradzan, is more than just a day to celebrate women; it's an opportunity to explore the rich tapestry of floral artistry. The rising popularity of chrysanthemums and the enthusiasm for diverse floral gifts reflect a deepening appreciation for the beauty and symbolism that flowers bring to our lives.

Looking forward to celebrating International Women's Day, let's take a leaf out of Zygmunt's book and embrace the joy of giving flowers. Whether it's the strength and happiness symbolized by chrysanthemums or the endless color combinations that spark creativity, flowers have a unique way of bringing people together, one bouquet at a time.

So, here's to International Women's Day, a celebration that's as vibrant and diverse as the floral creations it inspires. May it continue to bloom and grow, spreading beauty and joy in Poland and across the globe.


Big Chrysanthemum bouquet with model


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