The Beauty of Brownie Carnations, a Modern Twist on Classical Flowers

All year availability, affordability and their versatility makes this flower a great addition to contemporary floral designs.

By: THURSD. | 03-01-2024 | 3 min read
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Brownie Carnations

Brownie carnations, part of the Dianthus family, are classical blooms with an intriguing and trendy twist. These flowers boast a cabbage-shaped head that allows many petals to work their way together, creating a truly stunning array of curves and ruffles. Despite their often-overlooked reputation, Brownie carnations are making a comeback in a big way, bringing elegance and charm to contemporary floral designs.

A perfect stand-alone choice for natural wedding bouquets or table arrangements, Dianthus Brownie adds a touch of sophistication and uniqueness. The distinctive textures of these blooms shine through when arranged in a ball, creating a textured look and feel that is far from old-fashioned. Pair them with burgundy black dahlias and champagne airbrushed baby's breath (gypsophila) for a truly amazing arrangement that emulates the essence of true romance.

Brownie Carnations in Modern Floral Design

Often given a bad rep, Brownie carnations defy stereotypes and emerge as stars in modern floral design. Bunching them together showcases their beauty and versatility. The revival of Brownie in contemporary floral arrangements is a testament to their timeless appeal and the evolving preferences of today's brides and event planners.


Brownie Carnations
Brownie carnations by @Florabundance

Embrace the resurgence of this carnation and explore the myriad ways these blooms can elevate your floral designs. Whether used as a focal point or in harmony with other exquisite flowers, Brownie brings a touch of classic charm with a modern twist. The next time you craft a natural wedding bouquet or a stylish table arrangement, consider the beauty and uniqueness this flower can bring to your floral canvas.


Brownie Carnations
Photo by @Ramirez Wholesale Flowers


Brownie carnations though a bit vintage, can infuse an elegant yet luxurious touch to your floral designs while bringing a unique contrast. Pairing them with gyp, lilies, alstroemeria, and even roses culminates in immense floral creativity resulting in breath-taking arrangements, that blend in well with the modern floral trends.

Significance of Dianthus in Floral Design

In the past carnations in general received a bad reputation, which led to a decline in their consumption and incorporation into floral design. Mainly, because of their inexpensive nature and link to funerals, thus limiting in terms of use in floral design. However, over time carnations have tremendously made a comeback once again into the modern floral arrangement, in this case also the Dianthus Brownie.


Brownie Carnations
Picture by @Evergreen Floral Design


Carnations stand out because of their versatility and availability in a wide array of colors, from white, and pink to brownies. The ruffled petals make these flowers unique and with an impressively longer shelf life of up to six weeks, brownie carnations are the dream flower.

Unlike other seasonal types of flowers, carnations are available all year round and can be used in different floral designs to express any type of sentiment. Therefore, the limiting stereotype of associating carnations with funerals no longer plays a part, because they have a huge significance in the contemporary floral design world.


Brownie Carnations
Photo by @Ramirez Wholesale Flowers


Explore the benefits of brownie carnations, from being a complementary flower, that blends well with other flowers or can be used as a stand-alone focal point in simpler arrangements. For event planners, you need a flower that you can rely on, can last longer, and complements effortlessly other flowers incorporated in your designs and that is brownie carnations. From weddings to funerals, among other occasions, Brownie carnations' adaptability to different themes is impeccable.


Header Image by @Erika Herman Featured image by @Florabundance.



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