Button Up With These 8 Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs

Watch these star-shaped flowers perform in wonderful floral artworks.

By: THURSD. | 13-01-2022 | 2 min read
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Look closely. What do you see? Imagine a frivolous filigree that you may know from the fine handmade robes that fashionable and classy people have worn as luxurious buttons for centuries. What you see is the flower-version of exactly that: an Astrantia.

Look Closely Again

You need to look closely again because the flowers in themselves are not so big. Yet, they are far from moderate, despite their size. Watch the many tiny flowers that are clustered into one, forming a star-shaped button. The lacking size of astrantia, also commonly known as 'masterwort' is compensated richly by its starburst flower head and frilled leaves. The color spectrum of this star-shaped button ranges from a greenish-white to pale-pink to purplish-red; precious and romantic colors indeed.



Astrantia by Marginpar

The name astrantia is derived from the Latin word 'aster' meaning 'star', which refers to the plant's star-shaped floral bracts. The flowers have a very fine structure. The extensive availability and excellent vase life make astrantia a wonderful product for commercial floristry. If you know Marginpar, you would not be surprised that Marginpar grower offers this wonderful flower that is grown under the African sun in Zimbabwe, Kenya, and Ethiopia with eloquent names such as Astrantia Roma®, Astrantia Star® of Fire, Astrantia Star® of Africa, Astrantia Billion Star®, Astrantia Star® of Flame, and Astrantia Star® of Love. The stem sizes of 40-70cms make it a lovely appearance in floral artwork and loose bouquets.

8 Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs

The floral designers of BLOOM's View created 8 designs with astrantia. In the magazine, its qualities of being a good filler, hardy stems, wide color diversity, and excellent vase life are factors that will boost the market appeal of the astrantia. For the last time: look closely again below and enjoy these 8 wonderful designs by BLOOM's.

Button Up With These 8  Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs


Button Up With These 8  Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs


Button Up With These 8  Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs


Button Up With These 8  Fine and Frivolous Astrantia Designs


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