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About Marginpar

About Marginpar

Marginpar firmly believes that trusting, valuing, and empowering people is what counts. Thanks to this attitude people can grow and add value to make our products unique. Together Marginpar proudly grows summer flowers that make our world colorful.

Distinguishing Itself

By being innovative and forward-looking, the company distinguishes itself with an exclusive, trend-setting assortment: summer flowers that are experienced as stylish, elegant, and surprising. Also, in all their collaborations (with each other, with partners, and with our customers) they attach great importance to creativity, quality, and class. Because of their focus on cooperation, growth, and innovation, they can distinguish themselves with a unique assortment.

People & Partnerships

Thanks to their people and partnerships, available all year round. Their method ensures that they can consistently create a unique quality of summer flowers. When it comes to their long-term, worldwide connections, the common interest is key. Marginpar focuses on strengthening each other’s talents to grow together. Cohesion, durability, and continuity are paramount in the way they develop their relationships and bring their flowers into the world.


Marginpar location

Marginpar Legmeerdijk 289, 1432 KC Aalsmeer, Netherlands

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