A Valentine's Day Full of Charm With Calla

Put your heart and soul into creating an amazing Valentine’s Day with bright-colored calla flowers. If you want to surprise that someone, look no further.

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Tell your heart the most loving story with the presence of beautiful and delicate colorful calla for Valentine's Day because what better way of getting to someone's heart than with flowers? If you're not much of a traditional person that leans towards the 'all red rose bouquet' for February 14th, these colorful calla arrangements will definitely inspire you to surprise your loved ones!

Charming Calla Inspo You Need for Valentine’s Day

Get lovey-dovey with calla arrangements this Valentine's! Do you have that special someone in mind to whom you'd like to give an arrangement full of beautiful calla? Look no further because you'll get all the calla inspo you need for Valentine's Day arrangements here!


Calla bouquet by Gregor Lersch
Bouquet with callas by Gregor Lersch at Boerma Instituut


Given their versatility and unique beauty, callas are and will always be one of the most preferred options to gift on such a special day as Valentine's is. Answer your cupid's desires, starting off with calla blooms!


Calla design by Byron Bay
Calla/rose/carnation design by Byron Bay


Radiant Callas for an Amorous Bouquet

Red, although known as the universal color representing love, passion, and romanticism is not however the only Valentine's Day option that fully succeeds during this important date. Other colors such as white, pink, purple, or dark reds make a great lovable match as well!


Simply Calla ideas for valentines day using calla
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: W.H. Zandbergen


Just bear in mind that red is not the only color by which you have to abide for the heartfelt holiday. You can mix and match colors such as white and pink, red and white, or simply have a single-toned calla arrangement. Whatever your blooming decision may be, just know a calla arrangement will cause a great sigh.


Lovely arrangement for valentines day using pink calla
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: Wouter Koppen


Callas Are One of the Most Romantic Flowers for V-Day

The term calla means 'beauty' in Greek, and these magnificent blossoms surely live up to their name! Hence their meaning, calla flowers truly add an undeniable expression of beauty when they are placed in any arrangement. If you like to get creative with your floral arrangements for Valentine's Day, having an arrangement full of calla or a mixed bouquet will be stupendously gorgeous either way because flowers are flowers and they're here to become enchantresses in your lives. Calla is considered one of the most romantic flowers to celebrate the most loving day of the year since they provide a splash of stunning cerise color to any arrangement.


Valentines day bouquet with pink calla and other flowers
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: Karel Ham 

In ancient times, callas were used to celebrate the outstanding beauty in the Victorian flower language. As time went by, pink callas became one of the most popular choices of gifts to give on Valentine's Day since they are used to express adoration and appreciation. With these connotations, callas are the ideal Valentine's Day flower to offer as a meaningful remark.

Flowers That Pair Well With Callas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Bouquet

Roses and callas make a lovely and charming bouquet combination. These two flowers are like a power couple! Bouquets that combine pink roses and white calla lilies for example give the result of an intriguing contrast.


Colorful calla arrangements for valentines day
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: W.H. Zandbergen


Mixing and matching callas with other flowers
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: Wouter Koppen

They also go nicely with flowers that are fully bloomed, such as peonies and hydrangeas. But callas go well with more than just flowers. An arrangement with structured callas might benefit from the wispiness that greenery like eucalyptus and ivy can bring.


Calla pairing with other flowers for a valentines day bouquet
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: Wouter Koppen


The Symbolism of Calla Flowers

The calla always delivers if you're looking for a genuinely unusual flower. These charmers are unmistakable and unmatched, with a single petal that wraps to make a stunning statement. A bouquet of callas can be a pleasant surprise to give or receive. It's a change from typical flowers, and you might be surprised by what they mean.

Because of the flower's uniqueness, it is often used to mark life's rites of passage. More broadly, the calla lily meaning is purity, holiness, and faithfulness, which goes back to its religious significance. 


Symbolism of calla flowers
Photo: iBulb
Photographer: Jeannine Govaers


Not only is Valentine's Day a great day to express your divine and eternal love for someone, but rather every single day. Calla flowers will always be a bloom that is present in the most significant moments in life. Valentine's Day is only a few days away, meaning it's time to get creative with your calla arrangements.


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