15 Valentine’s Wreaths That Celebrate Love

Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, just like these wreaths. Inspiration galore from and for florists and designers all over the world.

By: THURSD. | 07-02-2024 | 3 min read
Heart wreaths for Valentine's Day

What is it about February 14 that makes Valentine's Day decorations so much fun? Maybe it's because the holiday is dedicated to romance and love, or maybe it's just because it's the one holiday that allows a florist to use every shade of pink and red imaginable in their designs. Whatever the reason, you don't want to miss out on decorating for Cupid's favorite day, and that especially goes for decorating with Valentine's wreaths. After all, there's no quicker way to dress up someone's home than with a beautiful front door wreath.

Decorate Cupid's Favorite Day With These Valentine's Wreaths

Wreaths aren't just for Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you love all things romance and red, then February is the perfect time to switch out the holiday wreath for a more romantic option. And we can all agree - out of all the cold and bitter winter months - this one could use the most cheering up. It doesn't matter if you're into flashy hot pinks, super light blushes, or deep dark reds, there are plenty of Valentine-worthy wreaths out there to choose from. Love comes in all different shapes and sizes, and the same can be said for the wreaths included on this list. Get inspired with these 15 floral Valentine's wreaths, so everyone can feel the love on February 14 and beyond.


Pinky Valentines day wreath
Photo: @pinkhouseliving


Traditional red rose with dried flowers and greenery Vday wreath
Photo: @creekgrown


Boxwood and hearts Valentines Day wreath
Photo: @moss_side_manor


Heart shaped floral wreath with dried flowers and rosehips
Photo: @thegreenwashington


Vday dry flower wreath
Photo: @wilderfloraldesign


Red rose and eucalyptus valentines wreath
Photo: @millhouseproject


Vday wreath with foliage and dainty flowers
Photo: @hoopandbloomuk


Dried and preserved flower heart wreath
Photo: @bysweetpea


Hydrangea and orchid floral wreath for Vday
Photo: @burlapcraftsco


Yellow acacia heart shaped wreath
Photo: @acaciacreativestudio


Traditional red rose valentines wreath
Photo: @wildfrostflowers


Pine and eucalyptus valentines wreath
Photo: @forevergreen_plants


Red rose white dogwood and ivy wreath for vday
Photo: Etsy


Delicate valentines wreath with pink flowers
Photo: Etsy


Huge valentines day heart wreath
Photo: @jewishwreathenvy


Ways to Use Wreaths for Valentine's Day

Some people incorporate wreaths into their Valentine's Day decorations as a way to express love and create a festive atmosphere. Here are a few ways wreaths can be used and loved for Valentine's Day:


Protea valentines day wreath
Valentine's Day wreath using protea flowers
Photo: @protea_blooms


While wreaths might not be as ubiquitous for Valentine's Day as they are for some other holidays, they can certainly be adapted to suit the romantic theme with the right decorations and creativity. Ultimately, how wreaths are used and loved for Valentine's Day may vary based on individual preferences and traditions.

Need More Valentine's Day Inspiration?

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