Christian Spencer Captures Sunlight Filtering Through Hummingbirds

The sun looks even better when it helps photographers catch the best moments of nature's landscapes.

By: THURSD. | 22-03-2023 | 4 min read
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A new picture album by Christian Spencer captures the whole range of 'rainbow colors' penetrating through a hummingbird's wings through full sunlight. The detail in every photo is truly remarkable and will make you appreciate nature and animals much more.

Christian Spencer Captures Hummingbird Wings in Full Color

A book featuring the beautiful photographs of Australian photographer Christian Spencer is appropriately titled 'Poetry in the Skies' with a good reason behind the amazing pictures he has managed to take. The book, which has already been released in October 2022, compiles almost two decades' worth of images of birds that Spencer saw while traveling to Australia and Brazil's Atlantic Forest, including hummingbirds, macaws, and emus.


Hummingbird caught by Christian Spencer


The magic of his photographs lies in his natural ability to capture birds flying around in the spectrum of the full sun, letting viewers appreciate every single color and extreme detail in his takes. Spencer's stunning images catch the sunlight as it filters through the creatures' feathers, emitting a broad span of rainbow colors.


Closeup of woodnymph hummingbird shot by Christian Spencer
Woodnymph hummingbird


The pictures were taken while the birds were in mid-flight and flapping their wings at extraordinary speeds. The opalescent effect, which is brought on by diffraction, turns their limbs into brief rainbows. The pictures are true natural gems that are extremely hard to take but Christian Spencer has surely achieved his greatest photography dream with this book.

Poetry in the Skies by Christian Spencer

Birds in their environment, magnificently displayed in their natural settings, are examples of nature as art. Those who enjoy birds and those seeking an illustrated book that goes beyond photojournalism and styled studio images might consider actually buying 'Poetry in the Skies' by Christian Spencer.

The artist still finds birds to be incredibly fascinating every single day of his life he gets the chance to observe them closely. Christian Spencer, an Australian photographer is an artist who has been residing near the Brazilian Amazon since 2001 and has devoted his life to capturing life's greatest moments involving the movement and journey of birds.


Bird pictures by Christian Spencer
Three little birds... Maroon-bellied parakeets


Capturing Nature's Greatest Moments

He describes his camera as his eternal brush, the one that has allowed him to pursue a career in what he loves most. Christian Spencer's photographs truly capture the poetry of nature, letting its beauty speak for itself—which is why he forgoes any image editing. He was the first to capture the breathtakingly fast beating of hummingbirds' wings in the sunlight, which forms a rainbow in the air. The world of birds unfolds before his lens in all its colorful glory and elegance: in reflections on the water, between blossoms and trees, and high above the treetops.


Poetry in the skies book by Christian Spencer
Red-rumped cacique


More About the Photographer

Since a young age, Christian Spencer was always interested in Nature and indigenous cultures. He started painting professionally in 1996 in Adelaide. In 1998 he moved to a sheep station on an isolated farm in the heart of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia to work and paint.


Hummingbird flying with sunlight going through


It was there that Christian Spencer developed his own style, mixing Islamic geometry, Meso-American motifs, and tribal art with the harsh beauty of the Australian Outback. In the year 2000 he moved to Brazil and since 2001 has lived and worked in the mountains of Rio de Janeiro state, among the rich biodiversity of the Atlantic Rainforest. The rich natural and cultural history of Brazil had an important part in the development of his paintings, enriching even more his unique style. He has shown his works in many exhibitions around Brazil, Australia, and Europe.


Story of Christian Spencer and photography
Woodnymph hummingbird


Christian Spencer has been awarded many prizes in international photo competitions. Winning best overall photo in 2014 and 2015 in the Ecological Society of Australia Photo Competition; winner in World Meteorological Organization photography awards and finalist in Head On Awards in Sydney Australia and Travel Photographer of the year. Recently he was awarded the prize “Fundação Casa da Cultura Macedo Miranda” at the 44º Art Salon of the Museum of Modern Art of Resende - RJ.

Christian Spencer has used canvas, video, music, and photography during the course of his 18-year career to support his distinctive art, which he describes as 'the invisible orchestrated cosmos' which is a portrayal of the abstraction he observes in nature.


Christian Spencer photography
Black-eared fairy


If you want to acquire Christian's book, get ready to be surprised by flying birds and a spectacular color palette while they swift through the air.


Photos by Christian Spencer



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