The Incredible Photographs of the World's Most Ancient Trees by Beth Moon The fusion between black and white photography and ancient trees is definitely something your eyes cannot miss.
May 11 | 2 min read
Nature Is the Place Where I Feel at Home and Whole to Create Lucia Pec Originals I always leave my designs in nature, so nature can take them back.
Nov 16 | 2 min read
Remarkable How Nature Reclaims and Takes Over the Marks That We Have Left On This Earth Ever wondered what would happen if the human race would disappear and earth would be claiming back what belonged to it?
Nov 09 | 2 min read
Earth Day on 22 April: "Restore Our Earth" Our planet needs us
Apr 21 | 3 min read
Klaus Wagener, Designer and Publisher of Bloom's A closer look at one of the purest floral designers
Mar 09 | 9 min read
I'm Tina Kjær My signature style? Delicate and romantic designs
Jan 06 | 2 min read
Pierre-Louis Ferrer Captures Nature in Yellow See France through an infrared lens
Dec 04 | 2 min read
Let's Talk About Orchids, Babe! Countless of beautiful species growing naturally, most incredibly rare
Nov 20 | 2 min read
3 Planty Hotel Suites You'll Want to Stay in Forever Every plant lover's dream hotel room, created by the best botanical designers in London
Nov 12 | 3 min read

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