Dancing in Full Bloom in a Delphinium Dress

Timo Bolte's stunning floral couture made out of 6,000 delphinium blossoms

By: THURSD. | 19-08-2021 | 2 min read
Floral Designer Timo Bolte showcases his fondness for this flower with an on-point floral couture creation, namely a stunning delphinium dress made out of 6000 single attached fresh delphinium blossoms. Timo Bolte says: "If you can dream it, we can create it. Special briefs are our specialty."

One Happy Bride Dancing in a Delphinium Dress

The delphinium family includes more than 300 species of flowers native to the northern hemisphere. They are often called larkspur because of their unusual spur-like flowers. Delphinium has become a florist favorite because it is one of the few, large flowers that are actually natural blue. This amazing bride was dreaming about an Alexander McQueen-inspired, fresh floral dress for her wedding day. Together with his team, it took Timo Bolte 3 days of work and 6000 single attached fresh delphinium blossoms to create this unique piece of floral couture. But after it all came together, he had one happy bride dancing in full bloom on her wedding day. Dancing in Full Bloom in a Delphinium Dress Floral Couture

The Versatility of Delphinium

Besides making up for a stunning delphinium dress, this flower makes an ideal addition to garden-style arrangements. Their shape gives them a beautiful, lush look when gathered in a simple glass vase but is also great to use as an accent to other garden flowers. Delphinium, aka larkspur, comes in a variety of colors including blue, orange, pink, purple, white, and yellow - a versatile flower to work with.

BOLTE Event Design - an International Tastemaker

Timo Bolte is the owner of BOLTE Event Design, an atelier that creates experiences for events. Together with his team, Timo uses flowers to transform moods and create ambiance. BOLTE Event Design is known as an expert for luxury event design, weddings, and party planning in London for a reason: traveling all over the globe to plan and design the most lavish events and weddings. Dancing in Full Bloom in a Delphinium Dress Alexander McQueen-inspired Dress Bold yet simple, with a unique twist on shape and color, their creations have won the hearts of guests, celebrities, critics, and even royalty, putting Timo Bolte on the map as an international tastemaker. But as he writes beneath his post on Instagram that features the delphinium dress, he wouldn't have pulled off a special project like this one without the help of his team:
"Special thanks to @michaelahonies_elegantevents for believing in us and to @evapoleschinski@nunziaguerinoflorist, and @dollsblumen it wouldn’t have been possible without you guys."



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