Deliflor Brings Beauty To Life

These are the novelties of 2021.

By: THURSD. | 17-06-2021 | 4 min read
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Welcome to Our Deliflor Booth!

We would like to invite you for a digital tour through our booth and see what’s new in the Deliflor assortment of disbudded, spray, and santini chrysanthemums! We have so many new, inspiring products to show you! But first, let us introduce ourselves: we are Bob Persoon and Bente van Luijk, and we will show you around in our booth. We are market managers and are responsible for the commercial activities to introduce and promote our new varieties. If there is anything you would like to ask, don’t hesitate to contact us.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 01 Bente en Bob Bente van Luijk and Bob Persoon

Deliflor Brings Beauty To Life

Being the market leader in breeding and propagating chrysanthemums, Deliflor wants to inspire growers, traders, and florists with surprising new chrysanthemum varieties year-round. Because of our intensive breeding activities, we are able to introduce around 15 new commercial varieties throughout the year, each year! By doing so, we enable our growers to select new colors and shapes which they can add to the colorful collections they supply. And also, we give florists the opportunity to surprise their customers with new flowers every time. That’s our way of bringing beauty to life. TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor

Novelties of 2021

This spring we have added so many new varieties to our assortment! New disbudded and spray varieties, but we also keep adding lovely santini chrysanthemums to our collection. The demand for these small varieties is high and we were able to breed some striking novelties in this segment. The large disbuds remain popular as always and we have added some extraordinary shapes, such as the pink spider Cipria and a red addition to the outstanding Baltazar collection: Baltazar Flame. In the spray assortment, we have added some nice spring/summer colors. So enough news to choose from. And a lot more coming this year!


Maradona is a remarkable new santini by Deliflor. A chrysanthemum with a name that needs no explanation. The little man with the iconic stardom, who unfortunately passed away last year. An honorable name for this new white santini by Deliflor. Maradona is a combination of a spider santini and an anemone that makes it look like a true star. A distinctive variety in the assortment of santinis on the market.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 14 Chrysanthemum Maradona
Santini Maradona

Santini specialist Funny Santini chose this variety to extend its assortment. And not in a modest way: the supply of Maradona will increase to 36,000 stems per week!.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 11 Chrysanthemum Maradona 3D Click the image for a 3D impression of santini Maradona


Recently Deliflor and Zentoo have introduced another beautiful new chrysanthemum: the pink spider Cipria. The light pink powder tint is the perfect color for spring. How about a bridal bouquet with this elegant pink Cipria? The firm, thicker petals and the large flower make Cipria a striking asset in each bouquet! When put in a vase the bloom will even grow bigger!

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 24 Chrysanthemum Cipria
Chrysanthemum Cipria

Did you know this specific variety was used in the marvelous flower decorations during the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest which took place in the beautiful city of Rotterdam, Netherlands?

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 21 Chrysanthemum Cipria 3D Click the image for a 3D impression of chrysanthemum Cipria

Watch this short inspirational film about the new chrysanthemum Cipria.

NEW SPRAY: Abbey Cream

The beautiful new soft cream colored spray chrysanthemum Abbey Cream is a welcome addition to the Deliflor assortment. The soft yellow-cream color suits the pastel colors we love so much this time of year. Abbey Cream is a new member of the Abbey family, which already consists of the white-pink Abbey and the brighter Abbey Yellow.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 34 Chrysanthemum Abbey Cream
Chrysanthemum Abbey Cream
TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 02
Chrysanthemum Abbey and Abbey Yellow

Zentoo is the supplier of the complete Abbey collection.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 31 Chrysanthemum Abbey Cream 3D Click the image for a 3D impression of chrysanthemum Abbey Cream

NEW SPRAY: Stresa Salmon

Another soft, pastel-colored flower we like to present is the new spray chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon! This beautiful salmon anemone variety has a dark center, which empowers the flower as well.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 44 Chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon
Chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon

Stresa is already a well-known Deliflor variety; the pink spray chrysanthemum is famous for its dark, purple center.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 03 Chrysanthemum Stresa
Chrysanthemum Stresa

Stresa Salmon is a nice extension of the Stresa series and will – just like Stresa - be supplied by Linflowers.

TOTF2021SE 11 Deliflor 41 Chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon 3D Click the image for a 3D impression of chrysanthemum Stresa Salmon

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