With Service as a Signature DivFlo Conquers the Global Event Industry

With his 'you-name-it-you-got-it' mentality Dennis de Graaff goes many extra miles for his clients to find the most exquisite flowers and plants.

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When you're hosting an event, you want everything to be just right, especially when it comes to flowers and plants. Finding the perfect blooms can be a real challenge. Fortunately, there are companies out there dedicated to sourcing these beautiful gems for your floral designs. One such company is DivFlo, a Dutch exporter with a single focus: making your event the best it can be.

Dennis de Graaff, the driving force behind DivFlo, is known for his 'you-name-it-you-got-it' mentality. Or, as he puts it, "Our service is our signature." This dedication to service is what makes DivFlo your gateway to creating unforgettable events.

DivFlo & Dennis de Graaff

DivFlo stands out as a significant player in the highly competitive floral industry, where love for flowers is just the starting point. Everything counts in large amounts, such as availability, service, price, and efficiency, to name a few. Every player wants to maximize the output. Known for their top-tier quality and seamless service, flower exporter DivFlo connects directly with growers worldwide to source the best flowers, plants, and decorative materials for high-end clients. That's already a great start for a demanding luxury boutique, high-end flower shop, or wedding & event planner.


DivFlo quote Djordje Varda

DivFlo model project Hotel de Crillon
Model sitting with a flower creation by Djordje Varda


Founded in 2010 by Dennis de Graaff, DivFlo started with a simple yet ambitious mission: to bridge the gap between rich floricultural regions and the global floral market. Their passion for flowers and deep understanding of the floral supply chain helped them quickly establish strong roots in the industry.

Dennis reflects on DivFlo's journey: "We have a big network of growers. I go many extra miles to maintain that network and get the job done for my clients. They know they can always call me, no matter when or where, and I will arrange things instantly. Daytime, nighttime, or even when I'm on a ski slope during my holiday: I am committed to my clients."

With headquarters in the Netherlands — a key hub in the global flower trade — DivFlo effectively caters to markets across Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. This strategic positioning not only ensures swift deliveries but also gives them a crucial edge in understanding market trends and demands.


Saint Barthelemy wedding ceremony on Thursd
Wedding ceremony with Djordje Varda's floral creations


DivFlo & Djordje Varda

One of DivFlo's esteemed clients is the renowned event designer Djordje Varda, who has shared several projects showcasing creations made with DivFlo's products.

Varda praises DivFlo, saying:

"Working with DivFlo for over a decade has significantly simplified my fresh flower purchasing experience. Their webshop impresses with its extensive product range. Whenever I encounter questions or require flower delivery to difficult locations, their prompt responses are invaluable. Together, we've successfully executed numerous unique weddings and events. I take great pride in being a DivFlo partner!"


Djordje Varda DivFlo project Hotel de Crillon
Djordje Varda's project at Hotel de Crillon


Making the Difference

So, what makes DivFlo stand out? What are its Unique Selling Points (USPs)? Time to find out. Here are seven good reasons to get in touch with Dennis de Graaff:


Djordje Varda DivFlo project Saint Barthelemy
Wedding at Saint Barthélemy with flowers from DivFlo


Commitment to Excellence

In an industry where trends evolve quickly, DivFlo has shown remarkable agility. By closely monitoring consumer preferences and market trends, they've diversified their portfolio and introduced new varieties that resonate with changing tastes.

At the heart of DivFlo’s operations is an unwavering commitment to excellence. They don’t just export flowers; they export emotions, making sure every bloom tells a story. By emphasizing quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, they've built a loyal clientele that trusts them for consistent and high-grade flower supplies. DivFlo values its relationships with both growers and clients. Through transparent and fair dealings, they've established themselves as a trusted partner in the industry. Their collaborations with farms are more than transactional — they're built on shared values and mutual growth.

As DivFlo continues to expand, its vision remains rooted in enriching the floral industry with quality, sustainability, and innovation. They recognize that the future of floriculture lies in responsible practices and seamless global connectivity. Their plans include exploring new markets and strengthening existing ones. With the rising global demand for quality flowers, especially from emerging economies, DivFlo is well-positioned to cater to this growth.



This exporter is heavily investing in technology and research to refine its processes. From enhancing shelf-life to reducing the environmental impact of exports, DivFlo is committed to continuous improvement.

Last, but not least, by supporting partner farms with training, resources, and fair pricing, DivFlo aims to empower the local communities they work with. Its emphasis on ethical sourcing ensures that every flower comes with a story of hope and progress.


Djordje Varda DivFlo flowers in Hotel de Crillon
Flowers from DivFlo in Hotel de Crillon


Spreading Emotions Globally

Flowers symbolize love, joy, and beauty. DivFlo plays a crucial role in spreading these emotions globally. Its dedication to quality, sustainability, and customer satisfaction has made it a trusted name in the floral export industry. For florists, wholesalers, and anyone passionate about flowers, DivFlo isn’t just a supplier — it's a partner in bringing the world's most beautiful blooms to life.

Want to know more about DivFlo? Visit the DivFlo website and discover a world of floral possibilities.


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