Building Bridges and Connecting Is What I Love to Do Most

Meeting floral friends as well as getting to know people I haven't met before, and creating opportunities for them to reach new goals, gives me energy.

By: REGINE MOTMANS | 24-04-2024 | 4 min read
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Header Jinny Park and Regine Motmans Goyang Flower Grand Prix

For those who know me, it's no secret that I'm deeply passionate about what I do. But what exactly is it that? Let me explain, covering both Thursd and myThursd.

I've been part of since late 2019, serving as a floral connector and an editor. Essentially, I see myself as someone with a deep understanding and appreciation for floral design and artistic expression within the industry, and as someone with a keen eye for connections. My network spans various segments of the flower industry, from florists and influencers to growers, breeders, and marketers. My role primarily revolves around fostering connections and offering support wherever needed. So that's why traveling to events all over the globe is one of the best ways to meet new people and grow my network.

My Trip to South Korea for the Goyang Flower Grand Prix

Currently, I find myself in South Korea for an exciting new international competition: the Goyang Flower Grand Prix organized by Jinny Park, with the capable assistance of Alex Choi. Jinny and Alex, whom I met during the World Cup in Berlin where Alex went home with the first prize, have become good friends of mine. So, when Jinny reached out to me a few months ago seeking assistance in connecting with talented designers for her international competition, I was thrilled to help. Also, Florint played an important role in helping her.


Regine Motmans Maybelle Groenescheij Alex Choi Jinny Park at the Barbecue Restaurant
From the left: Regine Motmans, Maybelle Groenescheij, Alex Choi, Jinny Park


Jinny's requests didn't stop there. She also needed a partner to supply flowers for Bart Hassam's demonstration, the previous World Cup Winner from Australia, as well as for various other aspects of the event. This is where myThursd came into play, offering solutions to Jinny's queries and facilitating connections. myThursd is the ultimate floral hub for businesses and people to connect, collaborate, and conquer the market together. You can unlock endless opportunities as you effortlessly connect with diverse enterprises, exchange services, and join forces for powerful promotional campaigns. (


Jenny Thomasson at Seoul Flower Market
Jenny Thomasson at Seoul Flower Market


The Importance of Connections

Ten skilled competitors have been invited to participate in the Goyang Flower Grand Prix, thanks in part to the collaborative efforts of myThursd. Additionally, Jinny found a flower partner in Dennis de Graaff from DivFlo, a global exporter of flowers and plants, who provided the necessary materials for Bart Hassam's demonstration and flowers for several competitors.

And of course, now being here, I explain to as many as possible what Thursd and myThursd can do for them. 


10 Competitors Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Venue With Poster 10 Competitors Goyang Flower Grand Prix



Follow the Goyang Flower Grand Prix

After connecting with everybody successfully, I make it my responsibility to talk about what's happening here. You can read about the competition, the involvement of Florint, and the competitors in this write-up. In the coming days, 10 designers will create 4 designs and you will be able to read the full story on Thursd. Don't miss it!

The myThursd Team and Me

In our floral meetup spot myThursd, I'm supported by a fantastic team. Rubinca Boita, our Growth Hacker, brings her wealth of experience in logistics and her extensive network within the industry to the table. And Edwin Kirwa, our Success Manager, is dedicated to ensuring your success as an advertiser on myThursd.

So, what's next? Whether you're a floral designer, influencer, grower, breeder, or advertiser, myThursd is your platform. Head over to, log in if you're already a member, and start creating or pitching your projects. If you're not yet onboard, simply click on "no account" and register. The myThursd community eagerly awaits your participation!

Photo Gallery Goyang Flower Grand Prix

Here is a drop of pictures from the venue, and the preparations from the structures. 

It goes without saying that it's not possible to say in words just how many old and new contacts exist and grow at events like this. It brings me great joy to see so many familiar faces and to broaden my horizons once again. Thank you Jinny and Alex for reaching out to me, to myThursd. 


Florence Ling at Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Florence Ling, Hong Kong
Daisuke at Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Daisuke Yamakawa, Japan
Jenny Thomasson Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Jenny Thomasson, USA, is working on her structure
Kim Jong Kook Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Kim Jong Kook, South Korea
Krisztián Kövér Hungary
Krisztián Kövér, Hungary
Natalia Hoogenraad at Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Natalia Hoogenraad (, Netherlands, at Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Hong Ye Chan Korea
Hong Ye Chan, Korea, receiving Quick Dip from Oasis Floral Products Korea
Preparations at Goyang Flower Grand Prix by Arman Voskanyan from Armenia
Arman Voskanyan, Armenia, working on his structure.
Preparing flowers at Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Hong Ye Chan, Korea
Aniko Kovacs Canada Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Aniko Kovacs, Canada
Howard Pang Macao Goyang Flower Grand Prix
Howard Pang, Macao 
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Regine Motmans

"I'm a mom of three boys named Dennis, Jarne, and Xander. I'm married to Dominic, and my flower studio Floregineel is my place to get creative now and then. My main focus is on and myThursd as their Floral Connector. I love to travel to floral events, connect, create opportunities, and win-wins. And in the process write about the events, promote them in advance, and cover them. I'm good at Socials, I'm a trendsetter, and always looking into the future. 

Flowers make everything more beautiful, but also music. I love to sing and dance. In fact, I love life, I love the sun, I love my family and friends, I enjoy the big but also the little things."





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