Enjoy the Bubbling Colors of the Milkshake Series by Royal Van Zanten

Multiflora garden mums in bold colors, compact shapes, and steady growth. Get a taste of these five fruity flavors!

By: THURSD. | 28-04-2022 | 2 min read
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Milkshake Series by Royal Van Zanten header - on Thursd

Aren't you getting happy when you look at these garden mums? Look at these five bold colors and compact shapes presented by breeder Royal Van Zanten. Combine this with the multiflora's steady growth and together they form a true family of five. Great to plant in your garden as mono-color, just as great for mixed borders.

Five Milkshake Flavors

The range of Milkshake garden mums has five varieties in five attractive colors, all grown by Berkhout Plants: the yellow Milkshake Banana, the purple Milkshake Cherry, the white Milkshake Coconut, the orange-brown Milkshake Papaya, and the pink Milkshake Raspberry.

Their names refer to fruity milkshake flavors and they most certainly will catch your eye with their dark and rich colored center. No matter which flavor you decide to try, the Milkshake garden mum series has a great shelf-life and a beautiful and equal blooming experience.


Royal Van Zanten - Chrysanthemum Milkshake quote on Thursd


Milkshake Banana by Royal Van Zanten on Thursd
Milkshake Banana


A Pleasure for Growers

The key features of the Milkshake series certainly promise a great deal of pleasure for growers. The plants have a very fast reaction time of only six weeks. All colors have an equal growth cycle which provides you with uniform plants that bloom simultaneously. You can grow them up to pot size 14-15cm.

But that's not all yet. After the growing period, when it's time to market your plants, they present their set of unique selling points: All Milkshake garden mums are easy to handle and package due to their flexible shape. This will save you transportation costs. You can safely promise your customers and the end consumers a great shelf-life and a beautiful and equal blooming experience.


From the left: Milkshake Cherry, Milkshake Coconut


The Sustainable Choice for Florists and Consumers

Milkshake is a sustainable choice for you and your customers for a couple of good reasons. First and foremost, no growth regulators are used. The plants' compact shapes save can considerably on transportation costs. The many flowers open up one by one. This means that you have a longer sales window and consumers can enjoy the flowers longer.


Milkshake Papaya by Royal Van Zanten on Thursd
Milkshake Papaya


Milkshake Raspberry by Royal Van Zanten on Thursd
Milkshake Raspberry


Make Your Own Seasonal Mix

Whatever the season, Royal Van Zanten's Milkshake series has the colors. Just adapt by mixing and matching them to your liking. Mix Milkshake Banana, Coconut, and Raspberry for a lovely summery garden look. Or mix Milkshake Coconut, Cherry, and Papaya for a stunning autumn mix. Anything goes, just as long as you get that happy feeling!


Royal Van Zanten - Milkshake banner on Thursd



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