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Royal Van Zanten is an innovative company with a wide and attractive range of source materials. New types and varieties are developed and crops are improved. Royal Van Zanten strongly focuses on the market and has customers all over the world. The company provides its customers with added value through specific sales concepts in order to increase the demand for the product. 

Blooming and Exciting Products

The demand for flowers and plants is still increasing. The consumer is looking for something special. We are also constantly looking for new opportunities. This is the beating heart of our company. A large number of square meters in our greenhouse is reserved for the development of new varieties and cultivation improvement. As a result, our own crop advisors and account managers are able to advise and assist clients in getting the best returns from the product.

Successful Varieties Worldwide

We produce starting material where it is best to do so. Climatic, soil science and business economics arguments apply to this. Careful consideration of these arguments is the best guarantee of delivery reliability for all our cut flowers, potted plants, and flower bulbs. Not surprisingly, Royal Van Zanten is present on all continents. Our agents and distributors are happy to help you further.


Royal Van Zanten location

Royal Van Zanten Royal Van Zanten, Lavendelweg 15, 1435 EW Rijsenhout, Netherlands

Products Royal Van Zanten has access to these products
Charmelia® Pink Alstroemeria Mistral Statice Silvery Sun Birds™ Bouvardia Royal Naomi® Alstroemeria Lemon Chrysanthemum Chic Rainbow Chrysanthemum Chic Chrysanthemum Vyking Dark Alstroemeria Whitney Alstroemeria Nadya Aster Showmakers® Arctic White Aster Showmakers® Lilac Sunset Aster Showmakers® Blue Bayou Aster Showmakers® Pretty Pink Aster Showmakers® Magenta Aster Showmakers® Baby Pink Multiflora Milkshake™ Strawberry Limonium China Summer Celosia Deep Purple Caracas Celosia Hot Topic Chrysanthemum Bellavista Charmelia® Blush Alstroemeria Virginia Limonium Salt Lake® Chrysanthemum Saba Celosia XXL Orange Celosia XXL Purple Celosia XXL Red Colorita® Fabiana Colorita® Kate Colorita® Tamara Colorita® Lisa Colorita® Yentl Chrysanthemum Fireworks™ Mix Chrysanthemum Haydar Multiflora Milkshake™ Banana Multiflora Milkshake™ Cherry Multiflora Milkshake™ Coconut Multiflora Milkshake™ Papaya Multiflora Milkshake™ Raspberry Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket Yellow Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket Mix Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket Pink Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket Purple Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket Red Multiflora Skyfall® Hanging Basket White Chrysanthemum Haydar Pink Chrysanthemum Haydar Yellow Chrysanthemum Bonita Bouvardia Royal Two Tone Pink™ Statice Apricot Sun Birds™ Chrysanthemum Ofir Chrysanthemum Santosa Pink Chrysanthemum Alpine Time Multiflora Tribeca White Chrysanthemum Sunda Multiflora Tribeca Yellow Multiflora Tribeca Dark Pink Multiflora Tribeca Pink Multiflora Tribeca Sunset Aster Showmakers® Indigo Ice Charmelia® Yellow Alstroemeria Virgin Queen Bouvardia Royal Roza Bouvardia Sweet Roza Celosia Hot Topic Golden Chrysanthemum Shine White Chrysanthemum Shine Yellow Chrysanthemum Shine Pink Chrysanthemum Nova Yellow Chrysanthemum Nova Lime Chrysanthemum Firestone Pink Chrysanthemum Ciao Splendid Chrysanthemum Fireworks™ Cream Chrysanthemum Fireworks™ Yellow Limonium China White Alstroemeria Intenz Salmon Celosia Wild
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