Create a Wow With These 10 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Lighten up your garden with these fantastic hanging flowers, ready to conquer your gardens all year round.

By: THURSD. | 11-08-2022 | 4 min read
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Uh-oh! If you've recently noticed that your favorite garden flowers never seem to get their heads out of the dirt, it's probably a sign they should become hanging flowers instead. These flowers that are constantly digging in the soil, and which seem to not be growing, thriving, blooming, and enjoying their time in the garden are meant to be hung in flower baskets. With this in mind, you're about to know about the 10 best flower candidates for hanging baskets.

Get To Thoroughly Know the 10 Best Flowers for Hanging Baskets

Flowers that are considered suitable to place in hanging baskets are known to be pendulous, top-heavy, or creeping, some characteristics that professional gardeners and florists often use because these flowers can be a challenge in a garden but are perfect for decorative displays. Besides, you'll also be helping occasional hummingbirds looking for a sip of flower glory when placing your flowers in hanging baskets. Check out the 10 best flowers for hanging baskets!

1. Fuchsia

Fuchsias are considered one of the 10 best flowers for hanging baskets due to their amazingly bright color and dropping-shaped elegant blooms. They are definitely a staple flower for hanging baskets because they happily produce dozens of brightly colored teardrop-shaped, single or double flowers from trailing stems, and the best part is they do it even in shady conditions where most plants struggle to grow and bloom.


Fuchsia top 10 flowers for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on Gardening Know How


2. Begonia (Begonia Boliviensis)

This specific type of begonia, under the category of "trailing begonias", is an incredible flower option for hanging baskets. They feature stunning pendant growth along with beautiful blooms of flowers year-round. Most pendant begonias have bright-green leaves which will add spectacular color to your garden and make an impressive statement placed in any hanging basket.


Begonia Bolivensis is among top 10 flowers for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on Muller Seeds


3. Lantana (Lantana Camara)

The vibrant flower clusters of lantana camara will provide your hanging basket with a gorgeous tropical color for a long growing season. Best part? This flower also attracts butterflies and hummingbirds, so besides having a beautiful new flower for your hanging baskets, you'll also be helping out a few animals. Gardeners recommend choosing a small lantana variety for your hanging baskets such as Patriot Rainbow or Patriot Popcorn.


Patriot Rainbow Lantana top 10 flowers for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on Naija Wildlife


4. Lobelia (Lobelia Erinus)

Thriving and surviving in moderate temperatures, the lobelia erinus flower will cover your hanging basket with a mass of electric blue flowers that'll catch the attention of anyone who passes by. Besides this blue electric color, it will also gift you with contrasting white blooms that appeal to butterflies as well. Now you know why lobelia is considered among the 10 best flowers for hanging baskets!


Lobelia top 10 flowers for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on My Garden


5. Calibrachoa Million Bells

Million bells calibrachoa produce little or no seeds and don’t require deadheading of wilted or dead flowers to stay in full bloom. The only thing they need to see great results in hanging baskets is moist soil and a full day of sun.


Million bells calibrachoa in hanging basket on Thursd
Photo found on The Spruce


6. Pelargonium (Pelargonium Domesticum)

You may know these beauties by the most common name of geranium, but pelargoniums are grown as annuals north of their hardiness zones, while true geraniums are hardy perennials. Their bold texture, bright colors, and ability to add more volume make them ideal flowers for hanging baskets. Ready to decorate your garden with beautiful hanging baskets full of colorful flowers?


Red Pelargonium flowers on Thursd
Photo found on Plantas y Flores


7. Petunia (Petunia Hybrida)

Petunias are considered a flower fave when it comes to hanging baskets. To see your petunia thriving in hanging baskets, you might as well want to try the milliflora or multiflora varieties, which bloom continuously and perform excellently in hot, wet summers (perfect for the 2022 extreme summer temperatures).


Petunia Hybrida flowers for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on Country Living Magazine


8. Portulaca (Portulaca Grandiflora)

Portulaca, aka moss rose, can be placed in a site where it will receive sun for most of the day, which will ultimately give its blooms that bright pink, fuchsia color they have. These flowers will be in charge of elevating your hanging baskets' appearance and adding a pop of summer color.


Portulaca Moss Rose on Thursd
Photo found on Parrans Greenhouse


9. Sweet Alyssum (Lobularia Maritima)

White blooms in a hanging basket will give you the sensation of having little white clouds around, and this is exactly the effect sweet alyssum has on people. These flowers have a strong honey scent that attracts butterflies and queens of the garden- bees. The appealing trailing habit of sweet alyssum can turn shaggy as the season progresses, so do not be afraid to reinvigorate it with a summer haircut.


Sweet Alyssum's beautiful white blooms makes it a perfect flower for hanging baskets on Thursd
Photo found on Sugar Creek Gardens


10. Lotus Vine (Lotus Berthelotii)

Last but not least, included in the group of the 10 best flowers for hanging baskets is the lotus vine. You'll actually impress your guests at first sight because of their greenish-gray, needle-like leaves that are in fact, as soft as a feather. Joyful flame-like flowers dot the plant all season when grown in a sunny spot, and if you provide it with daily hydration and moisture, it will definitely become one of your favorite flowers for hanging baskets.


Orange Lotus vine hanging flower on Thursd
Photo found on Garden Tags



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