Five Ways to Add Quick Touch of Color to Spring Gardens

Colors in your garden bring happy feelings, enhance the mood and generally improve the aesthetics of the place.

By: THURSD. | 27-03-2024 | 5 min read
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Five Ways to Introduce Color Into Your Spring Garden

"Spring can be an unreliable month..." is the oft-quoted line from T.S. Eliot’s poem titled The Wasteland. And “April is the cruelest month…” is one line that many gardeners have uttered when experiencing an occasional late-spring frost - depending on where one is - or after a deluge of plant-flattening rainfall.

But as gardeners, we are always trying to push the envelope, planting things that don’t quite match up with our zones or regions, or putting plants in the ground too early because we are just too impatient for the growing season. I, for one, am guilty of that. However, for the color-starved among us, there is hope.

Here Are Five Ways to Add Quick Color to Your Spring Garden

Adding quick color to spring gardens can be a delightful way to enhance the beauty of your outdoor space during the spring season after the wintry frost subsides and glimpses of plant life emerge here and there. And there are numerous strategies that one can deploy to achieve this.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Colorful flowers in your front yard spring garden can help beat the winter blues.
Photo by @mycountrycottage


So, here are five ways through which you can add a dash of color to your spring garden, and in turn beat those winter blues.

1. Add a Mass of Cool-Weather Annuals

Incorporating cool-weather annuals into your spring garden is a fantastic way to add color and interest, especially during the transitional period when temperatures are still cool. In this regard, there are a host of annual flowers that are in perky bloom at your garden center and can also stand up to the cool temperature dips that often accompany spring.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Pansies and snapdradons.
Photos by Twiggy Jia and ignartonosbg


Colorful plants such as pansies, violas, dianthus, snapdragons, petunias, calendulas, English primrose, forget-me-nots, English daisies, violas, and sweet alyssum, can go into pots or in the ground to complete your spring garden. When incorporating cool-weather annuals, consider their sunlight and water requirements, as well as the specific growing conditions in your region. 


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Petunias and dianthus flowers.
Photos by Shishir Shuvo and Hans


These plants will not only add vibrant color but also thrive in the cooler temperatures of early spring, extending the beauty of your garden.

2. Plant Early-Blooming Perennials

Planting early-blooming perennials in your spring garden is an excellent way to ensure that there is a burst of color and beauty within your garden as the spring season begins. Many of our favorites choose early spring as their debut time to plant these blooming perennials.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
A spring garden with creeping phlox.
Photo by @_garden_grow


Check out bleeding heart, creeping phlox, Carolina jessamine, Confederate jasmine, columbine, coreopsis, and perennial salvia for colorful garden plants you can enjoy each spring. Early-flowering perennials also pair well with spring bulbs, such as narcissus, tulips, and crocus.

When planting these early-blooming perennial plants and flowers, consider the sunlight requirements, soil conditions, and moisture levels in your garden. Also, you may combine different varieties to create a diverse and visually appealing spring garden that will continue to bloom and thrive year after year.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Photo by @ichsehgruen


3. In Your Spring Garden, Add Interesting and Colorful Foliage

One may also consider adding plants with interesting and colorful foliage to their spring garden, and this can, in turn, enhance its visual appeal and provide a much-needed burst of color and, also, enhanced aesthetics.

This foliage offers a beautiful foil to flowers. And there is a wide range of variegated plants that look as flashy in the garden or containers as flowers do. Variegated grasses such as miscanthus infuse color and lushness. Also consider adding plants like flowering kale, dusty miller, black mondo grass, and lysimachia (aka creeping Jenny).


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Colorful flowering kales.
Photo by @hitoshi_yasuhara


When incorporating plants with interesting foliage, consider their contrasting colors, textures, and growth habits to create dynamic combinations. Such plants, definitely, guarantee that you enhance the beauty and visual interest of your spring garden.

4. Plant Up a Container for Your Porch or Deck

There is also another method you can use to bring some color into your spring garden, and this entails creating a container garden on your porch or deck. This is, also, a fantastic way to enhance the aesthetics and feel of your spring garden. You can use all the plants mentioned in the first three points: annuals, perennials, and foliage plants to create a beautiful planter.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Flowers and an assortment of colorful ornamentals in container gardens add a touch of color to your spring garden.
Photos by @pritchy_plants and @hiroshi_bear


And if frost threatens, a porch location helps protect these plants. If the temperatures look like they will be too low, toss a drop cloth over the whole thing for the night. Here are some cool-weather container combos. 

By thoughtfully choosing plants of varying heights, colors, and textures, and arranging them attractively, you can craft a beautiful container garden on your porch or deck. This will not only complement your spring garden but also provide delight throughout the season.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
Colorful plants in a spring garden create a pleasant sight to behold.
Photo by @waynesdaughtersgreenhouses 


5. Add Hanging Baskets in your Spring Garden

Hanging baskets are a popular addition to any spring garden, adding vertical interest and vibrant color to your outdoor space, especially when this season sets it. Your front porch will, for instance, sing with color when you hang up a container filled with cascading blooms.

Foliage plants such as ferns (Boston, Macho, and Kimberly Queen). Pansies, petunias, and geraniums are sold in baskets and they are ideal for this purpose. If the weather is not on board with your dream of a colorful spring, simply bring the containers indoors to wait out the super-cool nights. Then just hang them up again and enjoy their vibrant hues.


Add Quick Color to Spring Gardens
The colorful sight of pansies in a hanging container.
Photo by Guru_Clics


Hanging baskets, without a doubt, offer a dynamic and enchanting method to enhance your spring garden. These hanging baskets can be enhanced by selecting the right plants, providing diligent care, and arranging them creatively. Your plants and flowers will, accordingly, transform into stunning centerpieces that add beauty and appeal to your outdoor area.

Feature image by Guru_Clics, header image by congerdesign



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