6 Floral Candles That Give the Perfect Smell to Any Ambiance

There's nothing like warming up the ambiance of your favorite spots at home than with floral-scented candles.

By: THURSD. | 06-12-2023 | 4 min read
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The pleasant smell of floral candles

Like a signature fragrance, a candle can bring peace and a sense of familiarity—it's no surprise that some jet-setters travel with their favorite scented candles. With the arrival of different seasons, why not treat yourself to a new (or classic) floral candle to brighten your surroundings and mood? These are six of the most pleasantly-smelling floral candles to have in any of your interior spaces and rooms.

6 Floral Scented Candles to Have in Interior Spaces

One of life's pleasures is having your favorite indoor spaces smelling like heaven with a mix of flowers and other essential ingredients. Here are six floral candles that will make your environment smell divine.

1. Trudon's L'Esprit de L'Eau - Mineral Woods

It combines a mineral accord, that of clear water gliding over mountain rocks, with woody notes of cedar and cypress, as well as spicy notes of pepper and juniper berry, and was created by Benoist Lapouza. As its name suggests, L'Esprit de L'Eau represents high perspective and purity: The Book of Song (Dynasty) refers to the ascetic philosophy of the time, seeking inspiration from nature for a spiritual life in solitude and elevation. You'll be able to hear the gentle babble of a nearby stream and feel the cool, fresh air on your face when trying out this candle.


Lespirit de Leau Mineral Woods floral scented candle
This floral-scented candle combines a mineral accord, that of clear water gliding over mountain rocks, with woody notes of cedar and cypress, as well as spicy notes of pepper and juniper berry.
Photo: @trudon


2. Dyptique - Nymphées Merveilles

This brand is one of the most known around the world and for a good reason...They have some of the best-smelling candles of all time. An enchanting the image of its palace, the Villa Borromeo Visconti. With fresh, tangy notes, the Nymphées Merveilles candle evokes its fountains and rows of orange trees, their fruit ripened in the Italian sun, splendorous of 16th-century Italy.


Nymphees Merveilles floral candle by Diptyque
Photo: @diptyque


3. Jo Malone - Fresh and Fruity

Nothing signals the arrival of a new season than this lovely concoction, which blends two of Jo Malone's London’s favorite scents, English pear, and freesia, with lime basil and mandarin. This chic and artful candle was part of the brand’s collaboration with artist and photographer Martyn Thompson and can be used during any time of the year. The smell is just hypnotizing for the nose.


Design Edition Layered Candle Fresh and Fruity by Jo Malone
Design Edition Layered Candle 'Fresh and Fruity' by Jo Malone


4. Yuzu Floral Candle - Citrus Junos

Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is grown and celebrated in both Japan and Korea. Its zest and juice are highly valued by chefs. Its flavor is reminiscent of lemon, with hints of lime, yellow mandarin, and orange. Its aroma is invigorating and energizing, balancing freshness and exoticism.


Yuzu candle Citrus Junos
The Yuzu is a natural hybrid of Icheng lemon and mandarin orange. Its fragrance is exotic yet familiar, balancing floral, herbal, and fruity notes.
Photo: @carriere_freres


This candle is known to help relieve tension with its aromatic floral properties. If you're looking to relax a bit with a very pleasant fragrance, this candle will be the ideal option for you.


Citrus Junos by Carriere Freres
Photo: @carriere_freres


5. Anine Bing Rose Wood Candle

Try Anine Bing's new Rose Wood candle for a slightly sultry yet tasteful candle for intimate gatherings. Rose is combined with a velvety layer of Indian cardamom and palo santo in this candle to create a soft, deep presence. Floral candles have a way of creating a stupendous indoor environment with their delightful smells.


Anine Bing candle
Perfume and scented candle by @Anine Bing


6. Glasshouse Fragrances - Flower Show

This floral candle by Glasshouse Fragrances is an exquisite and elegant one to burn during the day and evening. The essence of jasmine fused with green apple is captured in this specific Glasshouse candle, transporting you to a lush floral escapade far and away. At the very end, Ylang Ylang gathers delicately around the floral fusion with perfect intensity.


Glasshouse Fragrances Flower Show floral scented candle
This floral-scented candle has top notes of Green Apple, Blackcurrant, Pineapple, and Grapefruit. Middle Notes: Jasmine, Orange Flower, Ylang Ylang, and Pink Pepper. Base Notes: Amber, Rosewood, and Almond Blossom
Photo: @glasshousefragrances


We know that floral scents have a positive effect on our being. We also know that these scents can be found in many ways, apart from the flower itself: like oil diffusers, and candles.

So, if you're both a flower and candle aficionado, it's about time to get your hands on some of these wonderfully scented candles.


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