The Increasing Popularity of Natural Floral Perfumes

Embracing natural flower perfumes is not only a testament to our love for all things botanical but also a conscious choice to surround ourselves with the beauty and purity of nature.

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Natural perfume made of flowers

Amidst the bustling aisles of perfumeries, a shift is taking place, as petals embrace their true essence in the form of natural floral perfumes. Like whispered secrets from a garden of dreams, these fragrances have captured the hearts of fragrance connoisseurs and soulful seekers alike.

This is a guide on what to know about natural floral perfumery and why you'll want your next perfume to be inclined toward the more natural side to help your inner and outer flower bloom even more!

Getting Into the World of Natural Floral Perfumes

Natural flower perfumes are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons. Firstly, they offer a more authentic and true-to-life fragrance experience, capturing the essence of flowers in their purest form. Secondly, natural flower-based perfumes are free from synthetic chemicals, making them a healthier choice overall. But what is it about natural floral perfumes that have become a 'must' for many perfume lovers around the world? You're about to find out!


The world of natural floral perfumes
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Recognizing the Floral Olfactory Family Is Key When Considering Buying a Floral Perfume

The olfactory system, or sense of smell, is the sensory system used for smelling (olfaction). For humans, this starts with the nose picking up airborne substances that activate brain activities in order to recognize the smell.

Within the realm of fragrance, an enchanting world unfolds, where the essence of flowers reigns supreme. Fragrances, like harmonious symphonies, are classified into distinct olfactory families, each with its own distinct character. Among these families, the floral category emerges as a tapestry of delicate scents, offering a multitude of nuances.


White jasmine natural flower perfume
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It stands as the largest and most versatile olfactory family, known for its captivating floral compositions that harmonize effortlessly with other scent profiles. Often taking center stage as the heart notes in perfume creations, floral fragrances weave their ethereal essence, infusing a touch of enchantment into every bottle.

Here are the seven different olfactory families to know about:

5 Amazing Natural Floral Perfumes by Jo Malone to Keep In Mind for Your Next Purchase

Jo Malone perfumes are a renowned luxury fragrance brand known for its exquisite collection of scents that embody elegance, craftsmanship, and a quintessentially British charm. What sets Jo Malone apart is their specialization in creating natural floral perfumes, which have become their signature offerings.

Jo Malone recognizes the unparalleled beauty and allure of flowers, harnessing their essence to craft fragrances that evoke emotions, memories, and a sense of luxury. They believe in the power of nature and its ability to transport and uplift the spirit. By using natural floral ingredients as the focal point of their perfumes, Jo Malone aims to capture the true essence of flowers and showcase their delicate and captivating aromas.


Jo Malone are a good example of natural floral perfumes
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Using natural floral essences in their perfumes allows Jo Malone to create fragrances that are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also authentic and evocative. The purity and complexity of natural floral scents provide a sensory experience that is unmatched by synthetic alternatives. These perfumes encapsulate the true essence of the flowers they are inspired by, allowing wearers to connect with nature and indulge in a sensory journey. Here are five of their best-selling natural floral perfumes for your next shopping spree!

1. Peony and Blush Suede

There's no way of just mentioning one Jo Malone perfume alone because all of their perfumes are naturally floral made and infused.

To start off the amazing options they have, the peony and blush suede taker over. This specific natural floral perfume is flirtatious with luscious red apple and jasmine, rose, and gillyflower grandeur. The sensuality of soft, pink suede mingles and it is a fragrance many around the world adore.

2. Honeysuckle and Davana

One of their best sellers and natural floral perfumes is also the honeysuckle and davana fragrance. Davana is a member of the silver-leafed Artemisia family, native to India. In this one, the honeysuckle's wildness lets you meander your imagination as if you were strolling through the English countryside. After dusk, this natural floral perfume becomes even more enticing. It is a fresh and delicious perfume encapsulated with rose and davana.


Honeysuckle and davana natural floral perfume
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3. Mimosa and Cardomom

The Mimosa and Cardamom perfume by Jo Malone is a captivating fragrance that combines the delicate floral notes of mimosa with the warm and spicy allure of cardamom. It is a scent that invites you to embrace the beauty of nature and indulge in a sensory journey that is both comforting and uplifting.

At its heart, this perfume showcases the ethereal and powdery scent of mimosa flowers. Mimosa is a delicate bloom known for its soft and romantic fragrance. Its floral notes are light, airy, and subtly sweet, evoking a sense of femininity and grace. The mimosa accord in this perfume creates a soft and enveloping aura that delicately lingers on the skin.

4. Orange Blossom Natural Floral Perfume

The Orange Blossom perfume by Jo Malone is a vibrant and radiant fragrance that captures the essence of blooming orange trees in a sun-kissed garden. It is a scent that exudes joy, freshness, and the uplifting spirit of summer.


Natural floral perfumes by Jo Malone
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At its core, this perfume showcases the delicate and intoxicating scent of orange blossoms. The fragrance of orange blossoms is known for its exquisite aroma, combining elements of sweetness, citrus, and a hint of greenness. It evokes the image of lush orange groves in full bloom, filling the air with their enchanting aroma. The orange blossom accord in this perfume creates a sense of pure bliss and captures the essence of nature's beauty.

5. Velvet Rose and Oud

The Velvet Rose and Oud perfume by Jo Malone is a mesmerizing and luxurious fragrance that combines the timeless elegance of a rose with the exotic richness of oud. It is a scent that exudes opulence, sensuality, and an air of mystery.

At its heart, this perfume showcases the deep and velvety aroma of rose. The rose note in this fragrance is exquisite, capturing the essence of blooming roses in full bloom. It exudes a rich, floral character that is both sophisticated and captivating. The scent of roses evokes feelings of romance, femininity, and grace, making it a classic and timeless choice in perfumery.


An amazing natural floral perfume with roses
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All of these are the perfect example of what natural floral perfume's ingredients are like. You're definitely in for a treat if one of these becomes your next perfume!

The History Behind Natural Floral Perfumes

The realm of women's fragrances has always been influenced by the changing tides of fashion and trends. In the glamorous 1920s, the aldehyde floral scent reigned supreme as the epitome of fashion and sophistication, capturing the essence of the era's opulence and excitement.

As the elegant decades of the 1950s and 1960s came along, women from the upper-middle class gravitated towards powdery floral fragrances. These exquisite scents embraced the romantic allure of floral notes such as rose, jasmine, and tuberose, enveloping the wearer in an aura of timeless femininity.

With the arrival of the carefree 1970s, a newfound sense of freedom permeated the fragrance world. The trend shifted towards fresher flowers, exploring the vibrant essence of green blooms and the allure of more exotic and unusual floral varieties. This era celebrated the unbridled beauty of nature's diversity.

It was during the 1990s when people witnessed a dramatic shift in perfumery, as the industry delved into more indulgent and fruity scents that captivated the olfactory senses. However, in the present day, there is a resurgent fascination with floral fragrances and the revival of romantic notes.


The history of natural floral perfumes
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Natural floral perfumes are without a doubt a delightful return to nature, embracing the soothing and invigorating qualities of zen-like and fresh aromas. Give them a try if you want to smell pleasantly fascinating.


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