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Floritec breeds, in close consultation with customers and partners all over the world, superior and distinctive varieties of spray, pot and garden mums, pot celosia, and pot aster. Reliable varieties that are relevant to the market and with which you can distinguish yourself. Tolerances to pests and diseases are an important factor in this. Read-more-about-Floritec

Your Host in This Online Booth

Welcome to our online booth on Thursd! My name is Daphne Hoogeveen and I am responsible for marketing at Floritec. We are proud to present our products and stories in this online exhibition. Do you have any questions or remarks? Please let me know at [email protected] and I am very happy to inform you. Please enjoy this online exhibition!

TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec - Daphne Hoogeveen
Daphne Hoogeveen

Introducing Our New Look

During our flowering trials in week 24, we are proud to introduce a completely new look and a new slogan: Customized Breeding. Floritec Banner on Thursd Read more button


Four new spray chrysanthemums from G&G Flowers, Wico Flowers & Floritec. G&G Flowers and Wico Flowers, together with breeder Floritec, are proud to introduce no fewer than four varieties of spray chrysanthemums: Avicii, Marshmello, Hardwell Yellow, and Hardwell Bright.

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Hardwell Bright & Hardwell Yellow

With the double-flowered Hardwell Yellow and Hardwell Bright, a beautiful Hardwell family has been created. The Yellow and Bright, like the existing Hardwell, have a long shelf life and excellent transportability. The leaves have perfect quality and remain beautifully green.

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Marshmello is a pink anemone with excellent leaf quality and good uniformity.

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Avicii is single-flowered and has a beautifully soft and lovely pink color tone with a fresh and long-lasting green center. This variety has been developed by our partner Fleurations.

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Named After DJs

The new chrysanthemums are named after (former) well-known international DJs. Gert van Genderen of G&G Flowers/Wico Flowers: "Music always brings happiness and pleasure. It makes people happy. Our new varieties provide the same feeling. They are beautifully colorful and they guarantee a very long flowering pleasure. They enrich the market and they are a perfect addition to our range."

Pot Celosia Series

As a specialist in breeding pot celosias from cuttings, we now have no fewer than three extensive series available: Twisted, Intenz and Floriosa. All of top-quality and with a wide range of colors, shapes, and applications.

TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec 21 Celosia Series
Pot Celosia Series

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Calimero Series

Calimero is a well-known and highly appreciated santini series. Very special with tiny flowers of only 2 cm in diameter, which makes the series unique. The stem is very sturdy while the weight is not very high, but this certainly does not say anything about the quality! Their compactness makes them particularly suitable for all kinds of arrangements: trendy and modern flower arrangements, bridal work, Biedermeiers, bouquets, and classic displays. Florists can really show their creativity with these fun Calimeros.

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Rossi Series - Strong and Yet Lovely

Rossi, a well-known and extensive series of Santini's with excellent performance. The shelf life and transportability of this series is more than excellent and the series is therefore very well suited for further markets. There are currently no fewer than nine colors on the market: Rossi White, Pink, Sunny, Splendid, Smokey, Cream, Salmon, Lobster, and Orange. Rossi is constantly evolving and our breeders are working hard on optimization and adding new colors. We expect to be able to add the Rossi Red in the short term. The first tests with this new Rossi family member, with a beautiful deep red color, look very promising.

TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Santini Rossi
Santini Rossi
TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Santini Rossi
Santini Rossi

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Ellison Series - Colorful and Strong

Ellison is a beautiful santini with endless possibilities for creating creative bouquets and arrangements. The quality is excellent and the transportability is very good. The stem is sturdy and well-weighted. The Ellison family consists of no less than seven beautiful colors: Ellison White, Sunny, Pink, Orange, Salmon, Sweet and Splendid. The possibilities to make fun and colorful Ellison arrangements are endless! - Soft pastel colors, matching with the latest trends - Sturdy stem with high weight en nice flower shape - Good vase life

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Dynamic - The Diamond Amongst the Pot Mums

The Dynamic pot chrysanthemum shines like a diamond. A beautiful solid plant with a special color gradient in the flower. With Dynamic Pink, for example, the color transitions beautifully from soft pink to raspberry red in the heart. The consumer receives a richly flowering plant with decorative flowers. This pot plant retains its color beautifully and fits well in a modern interior. The pink Dynamic was the first variety in the series. In the meantime, a true family has emerged with the Orange, White, Sulpher, Salmon, Yellow, and Bronze. - Heavy solid plant - Part of a beautiful plant family, so also very well suited to use in a pot mix! - The flower head is rich and full

TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic Pink
Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic Pink
TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic Pink
Pot Chrysanthemum Dynamic Pink

Floritec Trials

We organized Floritec Trials at both our trial locations in Bleiswijk and Monster in week 24. For everyone who was not able to visit it in reality, we made a 3D movie. In Bleiswijk a nice assortment of chrysanthemums was in bloom, including spray chrysanthemum, disbudded chrysanthemum, and santinis. And in Monster our pot mums, pot celosias, and pot asters were in the picture. There were already established varieties to admire but of course also beautiful novelties. TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Trials Visit Floritec Trials Now

Contact Floritec

For more information, questions or requests, do not hesitate to contact us. Floritec Trading BV Visiting address: Van Hemessenkade 7 2481 BG Woubrugge Netherlands Phone: +31 (0)172 518 963 Thursd socials website internet  Thursd socials email  Thursd socials facebook  Thursd socials instagram  Thursd socials youtube  Thursd socials linkedin TOTF2021SE 05 Floritec Santini Calimero



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