Greening Up the Red Light District in Amsterdam

From red to green, here is a look into the ongoing sustainable efforts to transform this notorious area.

By: THURSD. | 18-10-2023 | 3 min read
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Green Light District

The iconic Amsterdam's Red Light District famous for its nightlife and heritage is undergoing a green-up makeover, to make the district more sustainable. The green initiative is part of cities' commitment around the world to reducing their carbon footprint and creating a desirable atmosphere and environment to live in.

Adoption of the name Green Light District, creates an intriguing curiosity and mindset shift for everyone living within the Red Light District and tourists around the world. Red Light District receives more than 3 million visitors annually, green efforts are much welcome to make this iconic and famous tourist spot sustainable.

Ambassador Jemi Bloemsierkunst

One notable contributor and ambassador to the going green efforts is Jemi Bloemsierkunst, a floral shop that has been in the area for more than 37 years. Their commitment to sustainable flowers and plants, participation in green initiatives and passion is impeccable and it is the much-welcomed fuel to catapult this movement further.

Here is a peek into the future, the Green Light District!


Green Light District
Greenery in the streets of Green Light District


Red to Green, What Does This Mean?

Changing the deeply rooted belief about something takes time, but for it to work it has to incorporate the ideas and the efforts of people within. Green Light District movement outrightly implemented the bottom-up approach to rally the residents to join the initiative, contribute, and participate where applicable to them.


Green Light District


Through consistent sustainable workshops about greening efforts and necessary actions to be taken to realize the same; green campaigns have gained a lot of traction. The initiative champions home or business building makeovers to adopt green roofs, green energy sources, double-glassed or insulated windows, installation of solar panels, and strategies for reduction of water usage.

Little bit counts in the quest toward the bigger goal, a sustainable Green Light District. Known for negative connotations, the end game for this makeover is to transform the district not only to be sustainable but to improve the quality of the air, and the look of the streets through adopting greenery, and the use of sustainable green lights instead of conventional red lights.

Jemi Bloemsierkunst's Green Efforts

Jemi Bloemsierkunst is a floral and plant shop, which has been in operation for the past 37 years in Warmoesstraat. Florist Michel Hamersma is a green ambassador and a big fan of the green initiatives to revamp the district tremendously. Due to the passion for the campaign, the floral shop has invested in designing vertical green gardens for several buildings, and strategic planters on different streets, with greenery.


Green Light District
Flowers and Greenery at Jemi Bloemsierkunst


Greenery efforts by Jemi Bloemsierkunst not only bring a touch of color but contribute to the improvement of air quality, reduction of heat, and aesthetical appeal of the district. In addition to their green efforts to support this noble forward-thinking action, the floral shop also shifted towards sustainable floristry, through purchasing its flowers and plants from sustainable sources. They are keen on dealing with growers who have been certified and issued with MPS plus certificates, and Fairtrade certificates among other applicable sustainable certifications.


Green Light District
Michel Hamersma at his floral shop by @Green District


As Jemi Bloemsierkunst continues to innovate through initiatives like the delivery of flowers with bicycles or the use of green packaging and the reduction of waste, the inspiration extends to businesses around the district. With every effort from different stakeholders, the transformation of the Red Light District into a greener and a sustainable neighborhood is manifesting daily. The shift will not only benefit the environment but improve the quality of living for the residents.

Visitors can already experience the eco-consciousness and inviting ambiance, where the magic of Amsterdam and its past vibrancy meets the promise of a sustainable future. Visiting the Green Light District soon? You should review the green initiative and even contribute or participate as you may deem fit.


Pictures by Michel Hamersma from Jemi Bloemsierkunst.



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